December 2020




Axe-Calibur Introduces New Guitar Stand

November 2, 2020
The new stand is crafted out of red oak and fits both acoustic and electric instruments.
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PRS Guitars Releases Floating Guitar Stand

August 26, 2020
Its sleek, minimalist design lets the stand disappear allowing the guitar to take center stage.
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Gator Cases

Gator Cases Unveils New Amp Stands and Power Supplies

January 9, 2020
A pair of new tilt-back amp stands and heavy-duty power supplies highlight the company's NAMM offerings.
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Ciari Guitars

Ciari Guitars Unveils the Ascender Travel Guitar

July 9, 2019
The initial run of 100 will be available at the introductory price of $2,999.
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Tools for the Task: Guitar Racks

December 14, 2018
Fun fact: Instruments that are out of their cases and convenient to grab will probably get more playing time.
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König & Meyer Unveils the Carlos A-Frame Guitar Stand

August 21, 2018
The guitar stand boasts serious security with lightweight construction and a modern look.
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Hercules Releases the GS414B Plus and the GSP38WB Plus

December 29, 2017
The new models feature a wider mounting area to better accommodate extended-range instruments.
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Denny Gerard Company Presents the StickItStand

November 22, 2017
This stand was invented to provide a safe and easy way to store your anywhere.
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D&A Guitar Gear Introduces the Hydra Guitar Stand

December 22, 2015
A rugged stand that holds a trio of guitars.
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DRS Racks

DRS Racks Introduces Modular Storage System

October 22, 2015
A furniture-grade stringed instrument storage system made of solid bamboo.
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Tools for the Task: Multi-Guitar Stands

August 7, 2015
Ten top-notch cradles for your guitar and bass collection.
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Hamilton Stands

Hamilton Announces New Guitar Racks

July 23, 2015
3- and 5-place guitar racks are among the new offerings.
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Hamilton Releases New Guitar Stands

July 7, 2015
The KB420G Double Guitar Stand and KB430G Triple Guitar Stand are designed as traditional cradle-rest stands.
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Tools for the Task: Guitar Hangers

October 17, 2014
Be it lack of floor space, wanting to display your treasures instead of keeping them in the closet, the desire to have an axe or five within reach when inspiration hits, or keeping them out of reach from your curious cats and shorties, here are some of the numerous options out there for hanging your guitars out of harm’s way.
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