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Charlie Sexton’s Bigger Picture

February 28, 2019
Bob Dylan’s guitarist discusses cutting his blues chops with the Vaughan brothers, his latest guitar finds, producing records, and his recent film role as Townes Van Zandt.
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ThroBak Announces the ’64 MXV Stratocaster Pickup Set

September 17, 2018
The pickups were wound on the same vintage ME-481A pickup winder that was used to wind early '60s Fender Stratocaster pickups.
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Tools for the Task: P-90 Pickups

July 13, 2018
Who doesn’t love the crisp and clear sound (or raw raunch) from a P-90-packed guitar?
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ThroBak Electronics Announces the’63 MXV Stratocaster Pickup Set

May 25, 2018
The new set was wound on the same model vintage ME-481A pickup winder used to wind early 60’s vintage Fender Stratocaster pickups.
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ThroBak Pickups Unveils the KZ-115 P.A.F. Humbucker

May 2, 2016
A humbucker with a direct link to the Golden Era of P.A.F. pickup production.
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ThroBak Introduces Colin Cripps Signature Strings

March 18, 2016
The strings are wound to Colin Cripps’ own specs and include an unwound 3rd string.
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ThroBak Unveils Vintage Choice Balanced Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings

October 19, 2015
Geared for players who want a more balanced feel and a popular choice for DADGAD or standard tuning.
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Throbak Pickups Introduces the ESG-102B P.A.F. Humbucker

October 8, 2015
The pickups were based on original PAF humbuckers installed in ES-335 and SG guitars of the '60s.
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Throbak Strings Announces Signature Kid Andersen Set

September 23, 2015
Designed for players with an aggressive attack.
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ThroBak Unveils Vintage Choice Elgin Series Electric Guitar Strings

May 26, 2015
The strings are available with in either Pure Nickel or Nickel-Plated Steel formats.
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ThroBak Pickups Unveils the DS-55 Double Slug

March 31, 2015
A vintage-style pickup with added depth and clarity.
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ThroBak Electronics Announces the Pre-T-301 Pickup

December 4, 2014
The Pre-T-301 reproduces a classic pickup that bridged the gap between PAFs and T-Top’s in the mid to late '60s.
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ThroBak Introduces the Pro-90 Pickup

October 23, 2014
The pickup aims for the sound of a vintage P-90 pickup by using ThroBak’s proprietary Vintage Core specifications.
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