April 2019

Load Box


NAMM '19 - Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander Demo

January 27, 2019
See (and hear) how your stage and studio lives could get a whole lot easier with this IR-loading, variable reactive-load box/recording interface.
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Universal Audio OX Review

March 26, 2018
A direct-recording tool that’s 50 percent load box, 50 percent modeler, and 100 percent awesome.
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Fractal Audio Systems Presents the X-Load LB-2 Reactive Load Box

March 2, 2018
The LB-2 provides both balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" line-level jacks plus a speaker thru for connecting an external speaker cabinet while using the DI outputs.
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Universal Audio Unveils Ox the Amp Top Box

July 16, 2017
A reactive load box with instant album-quality mic, room, and speaker cabinet emulations.
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Radial Headload Review

March 3, 2016
A high-quality load box and guitar D.I. with many pro features.
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Agave Audio Introduces the Loadout

September 30, 2015
A passive direct box engineered to give musicians increased flexibility when recording guitar.
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Tone Tips: The Lowdown on Load Boxes, Attenuators, and Reamps

April 29, 2015
Making your amp work for you in any situation.
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Quick Hit: Mesa/Boogie CabClone

April 26, 2015
Record or gig with your favorite amp—minus the cabinet and mic.
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