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Benson Amps


Benson Amps Releases the Vincent 30

August 23, 2018
The company installed their 1-watt Vinny amplifier directly into the preamp, allowing power-tube compression and distortion at any volume level.
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Benson Amps Releases the Benson Preamp Pedal

May 21, 2018
The circuit is based on the Benson Chimera amplifier and utilizes FETS in place of tubes.
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NAMM '18 - Benson Amps The Sorcerer Ryan Adams Signature Amp Demo

February 15, 2018
A collaboration with Ryan Adams and Chase Bliss Audio’s Joel Korte yields one of the coolest-sounding amps of the entire NAMM show.
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NAMM 2018 Editors' Picks Livestream Day 3

January 27, 2018
Watch the PG crew discuss favorites from Abasi Guitars, Collings, Death by Audio, Crazy Tube Circuits, and more.
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Benson Amps Unveils the Earhart

November 3, 2017
An amplifier born under the concept of top boost-style, class-A amps.
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Benson Amps Releases the Monarch Reverb and Chimera Reverb

January 4, 2017
A new pair of grab-and-go combos with built-in reverb.
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Benson Monarch Review

November 3, 2015
A minimalist 1x12 combo with point-to-point wiring, explosive presence, and phenomenal dynamic response.
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Benson Amps Introduces the Monarch Combo

May 4, 2015
A 15-watt combo full of British- and American-inspired tones.
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