Mezzabarba Unveils the Trinity

February 8, 2019
A new 3-channel design that takes popular elements from a few of the company's other models.
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NAMM '18 - Mezzabarba Z18 Head and Skill 30 Combo

February 1, 2018
A rising-star Italian amp builder hits NAMM with a loud, gutsy little combo and a new surprisingly high-headroom 20-watt, Bassman-inspired head.
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NAMM 2018 Day 2

NAMM 2018 Editors' Picks Livestream Day 2

January 26, 2018
The PG crew convenes to discuss the day's coolest finds, including gear from Alexander Pedals, Oni Guitars, L.R. Baggs, Eventide, JHS, and more.
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SNAMM '17 - Mezzabarba Amplification Z35 Head, MZero Series Heads & Z18 Combo Demos

August 9, 2017
We look at a handful of new handwired amps from the Italian company that go from crystal clean to ear-splitting crunch.
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GALLERY: Summer NAMM 2017 Day 3

July 15, 2017
Take a look at the brand-new stomps, axes, and gizmos, including new stuff from Analog Outfitters, Hungry Robot, Modulus, and Blackstar.
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Mezzabarba Amplification Announces U.S. Product Lineup

July 30, 2015
The lineup consists of two single channel combos, the portable two-channel SKILL 30W head, the 100W single-channel MZERO Standard head, and the two-channel 100W MZERO Overdrive head.
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