December 2020

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Shaping Tomorrow’s Guitars Today

September 3, 2020
No, this futuristic 6-string is definitely not your dad’s cool old dread. The PG Lava Me Pro review.
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Lava Music

Lava Music Unveils the Lava Me Pro Model

October 31, 2019
A guitar made entirely out of AirCarbon, a new material that combines strong layers and aims to create a lighter, more open sound.
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Lava Guitars Announces the Lava Drop Line

November 23, 2016
The guitars are shaped after actual physical drops to give tangible ergonomic enhancement.
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Lava Guitars

Lava Guitars Releases the Lava-Drop Model

August 24, 2015
The guitars reflect a modern aesthetic and are available in either fretted or fretless versions.
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