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Episode 7 - Gear-Theft Horror Stories

October 10, 2016
In the latest Conversations in the Key of Life podcast, Esoterica Electrica columnist/Hamer Guitars cofounder Jol Dantzig recounts the theft of the first Hamer bass, and PG fan Caleb Keeter recalls his double-whammy nightmare.
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Episode 6 - Guitar Teachers Who Go Above & Beyond

September 13, 2016
PG reader Dustin Wallace and special guest John Bohlinger pay homage to instructors who made a huge impact on their musical lives.
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Episode 5 – Calling Random Swedes

August 1, 2016
CITKOL host Shawn Hammond calls Sweden's "national phone number" to ask random Swedish guitarists the same five questions.
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Episode 4 – Gigs from Hell

July 4, 2016
PG fans recount live performances gone horribly awry—from club cave-ins to CD-stealing hecklers and a bar whose over-the-top, sketchy-sounding name turned out to be all too apt.
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Episode 3 – Guitar As Therapy

June 6, 2016
In this episode, fans share inspiring and touching accounts of the mysterious healing properties of their 6-strings.
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Episode 2 – Insane Gear Finds

May 3, 2016
In the latest episode, PG fans talk to Shawn Hammond about amazing gear-acquisition stories.
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Episode 1 - I Met My Guitar Hero

April 5, 2016
In this debut episode, everyday PG fans talk to Shawn Hammond about meeting their guitar and bass heroes.
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