February 2020

MOD Devices


MOD Devices Releases the Onyx Amp and GxCreamMachine

January 22, 2019
The Onyx Amp and MOD Cabinets are available for free for MOD users.
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MOD Devices Presents the MOD Duo X

June 14, 2018
The standalone device sports more controls on the outside, including 8 new assignable potentiometer knobs, 4 freely-assignable push buttons and 2 instant "snapshot" push buttons.
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MOD Devices Launches the MOD Footswitch

May 23, 2018
The footswitch allows users to toggle effects on and off, scroll through lists, and define tap tempos.
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MOD Duo Review

October 13, 2017
A compact multi-effects unit conceals a vast world of fun, functional programmability.
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MOD Devices Launches the MOD Duo

December 7, 2016
An open-source multi-effects pedal that provides access to plugins while delivering high-quality audio.
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