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SNAMM '18 - SoundBrut FU Varitone Fuzz Demo

July 4, 2018
Watch a demo of a wickedly gross—in a good way—silicon fuzz that uses a unique varitone control.
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SoundBrut Introduces the FU Varitone Fuzz

June 26, 2018
A silicon-based fuzz with a 6-way varitone switch that features different voicings.
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SoundBrut Announces the DRVA MkII

May 23, 2018
The upgrades include a quieter switch, treble-cut pot, and a simplified Q control.
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SoundBrut Introduces the VA Boost

January 27, 2018
A MOSFET boost pedal with a custom tone stack.
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Quick Hit: SoundBrut DrVa

January 3, 2018
A Swedish outfit’s debut op-amp drive and “Varitone”-style MOSFET boost serves up a refreshing array of lush-to-sick sounds.
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SoundBrut Introduces the DrVa Overdrive and Boost

February 16, 2017
A hard-clipping overdrive and MOSFET clean boost, coupled with a custom tone circuit with 18 voicings.
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