March 2020



The Year in Gear 2018

November 20, 2018
Step inside Premier Guitar’s magical, miraculous time machine and revisit the gear that stood head and shoulders above the rest as Premier Gear Award winners in 2018.
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SNAMM '18 - SoundBrut FU Varitone Fuzz Demo

July 4, 2018
Watch a demo of a wickedly gross—in a good way—silicon fuzz that uses a unique varitone control.
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SoundBrut Introduces the FU Varitone Fuzz

June 26, 2018
A silicon-based fuzz with a 6-way varitone switch that features different voicings.
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SoundBrut Announces the DRVA MkII

May 23, 2018
The upgrades include a quieter switch, treble-cut pot, and a simplified Q control.
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SoundBrut Introduces the VA Boost

January 27, 2018
A MOSFET boost pedal with a custom tone stack.
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Quick Hit: SoundBrut DrVa Review

January 3, 2018
A Swedish outfit’s debut op-amp drive and “Varitone”-style MOSFET boost serves up a refreshing array of lush-to-sick sounds.
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SoundBrut Introduces the DrVa Overdrive and Boost

February 16, 2017
A hard-clipping overdrive and MOSFET clean boost, coupled with a custom tone circuit with 18 voicings.
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