November 2020

Cory Branan


Perry Bean Top 10 Rig Rundowns

Rig Rundown: Perry Bean's Top 10

September 23, 2020
PG's chief videographer recalls highlights from 7+ years on the job, including pinch-me hangs with Bad Religion, Jason Isbell, Propagandhi, Power Trip, and others.
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Rig Rundown: Cory Branan

May 6, 2020
The Memphis honky-tonkin’, Tele-twangin’ songster reveals his beefed-up guitarsenal with 6-string stalwarts, a custom 3rd Power combo, and a stockpile of stomps.
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Cory Branan Live at PG

March 27, 2017
The honky-tonk troubadour plays some tunes, talks about his new album, Adios, and answers some of your questions about whiskey, Def Leppard, and gear.
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