December 2019

Seafoam Pedals


Seafoam Pedals Unveils the Harpoon Overdrive

August 12, 2019
A mini dirt pedal with a three-way toggle switch that changes the midrange response.
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The Year in Gear 2018

November 20, 2018
Step inside Premier Guitar’s magical, miraculous time machine and revisit the gear that stood head and shoulders above the rest as Premier Gear Award winners in 2018.
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Seafoam Pedals Unveils the Trident Overdrive

July 9, 2018
A surprising combination of two very familiar pedals.
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SNAMM '18 - Seafoam Pedals Trident Overdrive Demo

July 9, 2018
Hear a powerful overdrive that lets you independently vary the amount of gain going to treble, mid, and bass frequencies.
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Quick Hit: Seafoam Pedals Lighthouse Review

February 16, 2018
Tiny-but-mighty tweaking options make this way more than just a boost.
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Seafoam Pedals Unveils the Lighthouse Boost

September 5, 2017
Nine different boost options in one tiny pedal.
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Seafoam Pedals Introduces the Lowtide Overdrive

August 15, 2017
A unique low-gain, transistor-based overdrive.
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