November 2020




NAMM '19 - GFI System Dual Engine Modulation Prototype Demo

January 26, 2019
Listen to a brand-new box that's full of modulated sounds.
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SNAMM '18 - GFI System Jonassus Drive Demo

July 17, 2018
Check out a dual-channel dirt box with a plethora of mode options, from asymmetrical and symmetrical diode-derived to LED-driven distortion.
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GFI System

GFI System Releases the Specular Reverb V3 and Clockwork Delay V3

January 15, 2018
The updated features include kill dry function, expression pedal/tap-tempo input, and a more user-friendly interface.
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GFI Clockwork Delay V2 Review

September 13, 2017
Echo-tailoring options abound in a thoughtfully engineered digital delay.
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