March 2020



SNAMM '18 - AMI Guitars DM-18, GJA-SG200 & GBCE-3-SB Demos

July 20, 2018
The German company's NAMM debut brought out their line of classically inspired acoustics that come in at a rather modest price.
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NAMM '18 - Guild F-55 Jumbo & Jetstar Demos

February 7, 2018
The last of the company’s unissued acoustic models takes a bow, and a new solidbody electric embraces the hot-rod designs of the late ’50s.
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SNAMM '17 - Guild Guitars Jumbo Junior Bass Demo

July 20, 2017
One of the company's classic shapes gets the low-end treatment.
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SNAMM '16 - Guild Jumbo Junior, S-200 T-Bird, & Bluesbird Demos

July 13, 2016
Get introduced to a new acoustic, a resuscitated rocker, and a yesteryear LP-style machine.
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Framus Expands Legacy Acoustic Series

November 30, 2015
The new instruments feature solid spruce tops with East Indian rosewood back and sides.
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SNAMM '15 - Blueridge BG-1500E Demo

July 14, 2015
The Saga Music brand shows off their newest jumbo acoustic model.
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Blueridge BG-2500 Super Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Review

April 6, 2012
Blueridge’s BG-2500 Super Jumbo, reviewed here, isn’t a strict reinterpretation of Gibson’s grande dame, it riffs on the concept in a positively celebratory way that looks fantastic and results in some very big and rich sounds too.
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Guild F-512 Jumbo 12-String Acoustic Guitar Review

June 16, 2010
Guild''s latest Jumbo 12-string lives up to the company''s F-512
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David Munn Small Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Review

June 16, 2010
An expertly crafted, comfortable, great-sounding small-bodied acoustic from Iowa
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Guild JF-55

May 18, 2010
Valuing a ''90s Guild 12-string and a look at the company''s history
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Taylor 855

June 17, 2009
Taylor''s short-lived 855 boomed like a cannon -- but what is it worth?
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