December 2020

Wooly Coats



Wooly Coats Spanky MkII Review

November 23, 2017
A throwback combo that combines modern volume control with classic vibes.
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First Look: Wooly Coats Spanky Mk II

October 16, 2017
We fire up tone scientist Jamie Scott's latest 6V6-powered 1x12 with "HybridMaster" volume.
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SNAMM '17 - 3rd Power Wooly Coats Spanky MkII, Roosevelt Drive & Mag-Frag Pickup Demos

July 15, 2017
Mad tone scientist Jamie Scott has stayed busy the last few months, and the fruits of his labor are an updated combo with added reverb, a dirtbox, and some innovative pickups.
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3rd Power

3rd Power Announces the Wooly Coats Spanky MKII

April 7, 2017
The 18-watt amp comes as either a combo or head and features reverb and HybridMaster technology.
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