November 2020

The Bros. Landreth


Joey Landreth

Joey Landreth on Songcraft and Technology

August 28, 2020
Joey compares and contrasts the various ways people make and share music, and offers valuable tips for keeping it real when you’re working by yourself.
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Joey Landreth

The Magic of Lowell George

August 26, 2020
The late Little Feat slide wizard is one of Joey Landreth's biggest inspirations. Discover why as Joey dissects a handful of Lowell George tracks and explains exactly what he listens for in these epic songs.
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Joey Landreth

Joey Landreth on Open Tunings

August 24, 2020
In this week's first episode, Joey shares a potent technique for mapping the fretboard terrain of any tuning—open or standard—and offers a masterclass in slide guitar.
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PG Jams - Bros. Landreth

PG Jams: The Bros. Landreth

November 28, 2019
Armed with insanely heavy strings, killer chops, and a handful of new songs, the Canadian roots-rock group shares stories behind their new album, ’87.
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The Gear Behind SXSW

April 21, 2015
Get familiar with some hot, new bands and their road-tested rigs.
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