November 2019



Jensen Introduces the C12K-2 Speaker

September 20, 2019
The newest addition is a British-voiced speaker that is designed to handle high levels of overdrive and distortion.
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Quick Hit: Celestion Ruby Review

June 16, 2019
A mellow but vivacious alnico-based blaster.
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Tools for the Task: 12" Alnico Replacement Speakers

May 24, 2019
Give your rig new life and personality with a speaker makeover.
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Celestion Unveils Three New Speakers—Ruby, G10 Creamback, and G12 EVH

February 4, 2019
The trio of products include a 12-inch, alnico-magnet guitar speaker, a 45-watt, ceramic-magnet speaker, and an impulse response for Eddie Van Halen's favored setup.
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NAMM '19 - Headrush FRFR-108 Demo

January 25, 2019
The multi-effector specialists show us their scaled-down, 1000-watt (peak power) 2-way speaker cabinet for modeling devices.
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Anatomy of an Amp Cab

July 13, 2018
It may not be the sexiest part of your rig, but the speaker enclosure plays a crucial role in the signal chain. Here’s what’s going on inside.
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Jensen Speakers Unveils the Jet Raptor

May 10, 2018
The speaker is rated at 100 watts and features a ceramic magnet.
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Speaker Geeks: Got a New Speaker? Show It Some Love

December 25, 2017
As with all things guitar, a little patience can yield big dividends.
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Jensen Speakers Introduces the Jet Raptor

December 18, 2017
A 100-watt speaker with a ceramic magnet designed to create definition in the midrange.
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Speaker Geeks: Strange Brew

December 8, 2017
What happens when a Deluxe Reverb meets an Electro-Voice EVM12L?
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Quick Hit: Fluid Audio Strum Buddy Review

November 2, 2017
Look ma! There’s an amp on my guitar!
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Speaker Geeks: Three-Part Harmony

October 20, 2017
Discover which three elements of a guitar speaker have the biggest impact on tone.
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Speaker Geeks: Dustcaps, Domes, and Tone

September 22, 2017
Does the humble dustcap affect your sound? Here’s what you need to know.
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Speaker Geeks: Tone Is in the Cone

August 13, 2017
Discover how a speaker’s parts and assembly methods impact cone movement, and why this is important to guitarists.
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All About Speakers

July 19, 2017
Everything you need to know before diving into speaker swapping—one of the easiest, most impactful gear changes you could possibly make.
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Speaker Geeks: Oh! The Damage Done

July 7, 2017
Learn how to patch a torn speaker cone and how to avoid voice-coil rub and frozen speaker syndrome.
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Speaker Geeks: Wiring Up a 4x12 Cab

April 19, 2017
When it comes to moving air, it’s hard to beat a 100-watt head driving a full stack. Here’s how to manage the series-parallel wiring at the heart of this classic configuration.
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Speaker Geeks: The Secret Life of Guitar Speakers

March 24, 2017
How speakers are housed, and whether they’re used alone or in multiples, has a major effect on their performance. Here are some basic principles to consider as you build your rig.
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6 for Swapping: 8" Speaker Review Roundup

March 17, 2017
PG corrals a half-dozen of the market’s most compelling 8" replacement speakers, from budget delights to high-end heavyweights.
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NAMM '17 - Jensen Stealth Series Speaker Demos

February 16, 2017
The speaker vets show us three new neodymium-magnet designs in classic American and British voicings, as well as one for brutal rock and metal.
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