February 2021


What Really Makes an Instrument a Best Friend? homepage

What Really Makes an Instrument a Best Friend?

January 20, 2021
The difference between a good guitar and a great guitar is subjective, but it goes way beyond tone and aesthetics.
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Recording Dojo Mic Types homepage

Recording Dojo: Microphone Polar Patterns 101

January 19, 2021
How cardioid, figure-eight, and omnidirectional microphones figure into your recording game plan.
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Fender Trapper Bass Distortion homepage

Fender Trapper Bass Distortion: The Premier Guitar Review

January 18, 2021
Separate, stackable custom-voiced circuits make a strong and crunchy case for two being better than one.
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Harley Benton TE-90 FLT SB Deluxe homepage

Will Ray's Bottom Feeder: A European Budget Axe Swings American

January 17, 2021
On a tip from Mod Garage guru Dirk Wacker, the famed Hellecaster bags a Filtertron-fueled prize.
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Fender Duo-Sonic homepage

Ultra-Flexible Wiring for Your Duo-Sonic

January 15, 2021
Four rad add-ons and a whopping six pickup combinations for the Fender offset.
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Walrus Audio Julianna Review homepage

Walrus Audio Julianna: The Premier Guitar Review

January 13, 2021
Digital-control-enabled features makes Walrus’s already immersive modulation machine a scalpel for carving precise waveforms.
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February 2021 Tuning Up Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page homepage

Instagram-Filter Mentality Is Ruining Your Music

January 12, 2021
A wake-up call for guitarists as we use quarantine time to develop our studio chops.
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Acoustic Soundboard Bridge Plate homepage

Sure, Your Acoustic's Woods Are Important—But Is Its Bridge Plate up to Snuff?

January 11, 2021
The soundboard will always reign in tonal importance, but the size and materials of a flattop’s bridge and bridge plate are also critical.
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1964 Gibson SG Custom homepage

Gleaming White 3-Pickup Dynamite

January 10, 2021
Power and elegance on a diet: a 1965 Gibson SG Custom.
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Vick Audio Lucky 13 Review - homepage

Must Love Volume Knobs

December 20, 2020
Power to the pinky—the variety of sounds in this homage to the 1960s Colorsound Fuzz is damn near astounding. The PG Vick Audio Lucky 13 review.
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Gretsch G6636TSL Players Edition Silver Falcon-homepage

Gretsch G6636TSL Silver Falcon: The Premier Guitar Review

December 18, 2020
How does the Players Edition upgrade stack up on the brand’s sleek 6-string “Cadillac”?
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