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Matt Schofield


Mad Professor Collaborates with Matt Schofield for the Supreme Overdrive

July 1, 2019
A two-in-one setup that combines a new circuit with a revised version of the company's Royal Blue Overdrive.
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Beyond Blues: Matt Schofield’s Sophisticated Solos

November 28, 2015
Uncovering the soloing secrets used by one of modern blues’ masters.
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Matt Schofield "Far As I Can See" Album Review

January 6, 2014
For fans of the more sophisticated blues/rock of players like Robben Ford and Scott Henderson, Schofield is worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder with the best of the genre.
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Matt Schofield: Blues Man With No Master Plan

August 16, 2011
British blues sensation Matt Schofield says he was just following his muse when he took a trio of chances with his new album, "Anything But Time," but in the process he’s set off a 21st-century blues invasion of the highest order.
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CD Review: Matt Schofield - "Anything But Time"

June 14, 2011
On the majority of these 10 tracks, which are mostly co-written originals, Schofield uses just a touch less grit than most blues players rely on these days.
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