December 2019



Tools for the Task: Tele-Style Bridges

November 16, 2018
Options abound for Tele-style bridges, but here are 10 to get you thinking about what a swap could do for your guitar.
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Tools for the Task: Tune-o-matic-Style Bridges

May 18, 2018
Cross the bridge to a simple and effective guitar makeover by upgrading your axe’s string-supporting infrastructure.
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Babicz Unveils the LX2 Tailpiece

January 9, 2017
The LX2 features locking set screws that holds the tailpiece in place both laterally and vertically.
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Babicz and AP International Introduce the Z Series Babicz 4-String Bass Bridge

February 9, 2016
The bridge is a direct replacement upgrade for Fender Precision Bass or Jazz Bass-style bridges.
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Babicz Releases the BFG Tele Humbucker Bridge

January 6, 2016
Billy Gibbons teamed up with Babicz to create a bridge that can be strung up both from the back (à la BFG) or through the body of the guitar.
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Babicz Full Contact Hardware Releases Z Series

June 5, 2014
Instead of aluminum, the Z Series bridges are made of zinc.
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Bass Bench: Special Bridge Designs

May 12, 2014
What happens when string saddles have a larger contact area with the bridge and body?
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