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The Year in Gear 2016

November 28, 2016
Come with us, time travelers, as we revisit a year’s worth of axes, amps, stomps, basses, baritones, and other tools of our music-making trade—all deemed worthy of the Premier Gear Award.
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Demeter Tremulator Plus Review

October 25, 2016
A classic wobble box, revised and expanded.
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Demeter Amps Unveils the Tremulator Plus

April 20, 2016
James Demeter decided to revisit his first pedal and add every feature that he could think of.
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Demeter Bass 400 Amp and BSC-310 Cab Review

December 14, 2015
A new bass amp and cab that bring transparency, thump, and warmth.
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Quick Hit: Demeter TGA-1-180D Mighty Minnie Review

March 6, 2015
Few—if any—100-watt heads pack this much power into such a convenient and portable format.
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NAMM '14 - Demeter Amplification TGA-1-180D & VTBP-M-800D Demos

March 1, 2014
Covering bases for 4-strings and 6-stringers, they brought a pedalboard-ready amp and a heavy-duty thumping bass head.
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Demeter Announces the Mighty Minnie Pedalboard Amp

September 25, 2013
Originally designed for Sonny Landreth, the Mighty Minnie is a hybrid single-channel amp with a handwired preamp.
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NAMM '13 - Demeter HBP-1-800D & VTBP-201-800D Pre/Power Amps, Tremulator PS Demo

February 27, 2013
Premier Guitar is on location in Anaheim, California, for the 2013 NAMM Show, where PG's Rich Osweiler visits the Demeter booth. In this segment, we get to see Demeter HBP-1-800D & VTBP-201-800D Pre/Power Amps, and see and hear the Tremulator PS.
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Demeter Amplification Releases the TGA-2.1 Amp

November 1, 2011
The TGA-2.1 is now available with five different power amp sections and two different preamp styles.
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Demeter Amplification Fuzzy Octavulator Pedal Review

June 22, 2011
The Fuzzy Octavulator takes the much-loved Fuzzulator circuit and adds an independent, vintage-sounding octave-up circuit that ranges from authentic Hendrix-esque Octavia tones and beyond.
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Demeter Amplification Compro-1 Compulator Pro Pedal Review

September 21, 2010
Demeter''s Compulator is a useful compressor that gives you more of what you love
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Demeter MB-2B Fat Control Mid Boost/Buffer Pedal Review

October 15, 2008
Achieving the long, violin-like sustain of a Les Paul is an uphill battle for many players. To achieve this sound without the aid of the infamous Gibson, guitarists have
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