Stompboxtober Day 17: OPFXS V-Uno

Enter here for your chance to WIN a OPFXS V-Uno! Giveaway Ends October 18, 2021.


V-Uno is a reprogrammable guitar pedal which allows to upload the desired effect via USB and fully reconfigure it.

It includes almost all the OPFXS effects made so far (Dig Deep, Cometa and Asteroide) and a few more. Check the list of available effects.

The software application can run on Windows, MacOS and Android devices equipped with USB OTG.

The effects available have various number of parameters, most simple ones only have 3 parameters and complex ones can have up to 16! The parameters can be either knobs, switches or multi-switches.

Fitted and non-fitted risers and frames designed to work with popular effects pedals and pedalboards.

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Week #4 is here! You could WIN pedals from one of SIX great brands... including a whole new pedal lineup from Pigtronix!

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You could WIN a Set of James Hetfield Pickups from EMG! Enter here before October 7, 2022.

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