Stompboxtober Day 18: Lunastone Deep Metal

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Lunastone Deep Metal

Deep Metal is a plug and play, Massive Metal Distortion. Mid tone reacts fast, while the low end feel like a thunder. A Metal Distortion for guitarists that just can't get the sound huge enough!

A signature fuzz for Boris's guitar sorceress is a unique twist on the Big Muff formula.

Easy to navigate. Unique fuzz tones. Range-y knobs reward tweaking.

Trebly settings can be harsh.


EarthQuaker Devices Hizumitas


Boris know a thing or two about fuzz. As volume dealers by trade, they've spent nearly three decades dousing audiences in waves of distorted decibels. So, when the folks at EarthQuaker Devices decided to honor Boris guitarist Wata, they looked to her favorite vintage fuzz, the Elk BM Sustainar.

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