Stompboxtober Day 9: Mu-Tron Micro-Tron IV

Enter here for your chance to WIN a Mu-Tron Micro-Tron IV! Giveaway Ends October 10, 2021.

Micro-Tron IV

A compact, convenient and affordable version of the classic Mu-Tron III™ envelope filter

The NEW Micro-Tron IV is the newest reincarnation of the classic Mu-Tron III™ envelope filter. The Micro-Tron IV provides all the classic Jerry tone and Bootsy funk, in a pedalboard-friendly size and powered by industry-standard 9V DC. We've also added an OUTPUT level control and the ability to footswitch select between UP and DOWN drives. It's never been easier to cruise down "Shakedown Street" or get to "Higher Ground" – the Micro-Tron IV sounds amazing on guitar, bass, keys, horns, harmonica… you name it!