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Magnetic Effects Introduces the Zola and Updates the Electrochop

December 19, 2016
The Zola is an ultra-high headroom clean boost with a linear response, active EQ, and switchable buffer.
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Jackson Audio Introduces the Prism

December 6, 2016
A buffer, boost, preamp, EQ, and overdrive.
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ZenZero Electronics Introduces the 2KP

November 28, 2016
A versatile preamp/boost pedal that's dead simple to use.
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TC Electronic Announces 13 New Pedals

October 24, 2016
The new series includes the Rusty Fuzz, Grand Magus Distortion, Cinders Overdrive, Fangs Metal Distortion, Prophet Digital Delay, Echobrain Analog Delay, and more.
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Satellite Amplifiers Introduces New Effects Pedals

October 18, 2016
The Eradicator tube guitar preamp and Fogcutter distortion/boost are the first pedals from the San Diego-based company.
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Mu-FX Boostron 3 Review

October 13, 2016
An inspired combination of drive and compression effects in a beauty of a pedal from a stompbox legend.
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LunaStone Unveils the Pusher Boost Pedal

October 11, 2016
A new boost that packs up to 15 dB of power.
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Fredric Effects Announces the Accomplished Badger

September 14, 2016
An original two-stage boost with an opamp buffer/boost driving a germanium transistor gain stage.
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J. Rockett Audio Designs Unveils the Lenny Color Boost

September 13, 2016
The pedal emulates a Steel String Singer being pushed to create color, texture, and feel versus just loud and clean.
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Pettyjohn Electronics Introduces the Lift Buffer/Boost

September 7, 2016
The third offering in their new single-pedal format, the Foundry Series.
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SNAMM '16 - AJ Peat Guitars Wild Goose, Dirty Buzzard, Screaming Flamingo, and Rooster Booster Demos

July 14, 2016
The personal pedal builder for Warren Haynes, Mike Ness, and Reverend Horton Heat makes a splash at his first trade show by bringing four new stomps.
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SNAMM '16 - Klon Centaur, KTR, and Prototype Boost Demos

June 25, 2016
Reclusive builder of the legendary Centaur, Bill Finnigan, makes his first NAMM appearance in ages to tease a simple new clean boost pedal.
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SNAMM '16 - Seymour Duncan Palladium, Forza, & The Killing Floor Demos

June 24, 2016
Get the lowdown on three new stomps—a distortion, an overdrive, and a high-gain booster.
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Bogner Unveils the La Grange Overdrive/Boost Pedal

June 10, 2016
The wide variety of controls and switches give you decades of legendary plexi tones.
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Magnetic Effects Introduces the Vortex

April 7, 2016
An open and transparent boost with a gain range that can cover tones from super clean to overdrive.
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Mu-Fx Unveils the Boostron 3

March 17, 2016
A three-in-one pedal that was created in cooperation with Rand Anderson.
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CAST Engineering Releases the Pulse Drive

March 11, 2016
Classic analog tremolo sounds with 30db of boost.
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Fuzzrocious Pedals Announces the Anomalies and Feed Me

March 7, 2016
A lo-fi, dirty delay based on the PT2399 chip and a tone shaper boasting four 12-position rotary pots.
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Tone Tips: Overdrives and Distortions and Boosts, Oh My

February 22, 2016
Demystifying the wizardry of the most popular pedal family.
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Magnetic Effects Releases the Satellite

February 16, 2016
A natural-sounding and dynamic overdrive/booster.
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