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Signal to Noise: Don’t Overdo It

July 18, 2018
When you bond with an instrument, it pays to think twice about tearing it apart.

My First Guitar

July 17, 2018
A dozen pro prayers share the story behind the first 6-string they ever had. Read about Al Di Meola’s Christmas Guild, Paul Gilbert’s Stella, the Steve Vai-signed Ibanez RG that Nita Strauss once coveted and now owns, and more.

Heptode Introduces the Jim '81 Guitar Amp

July 17, 2018
A dual-channel rackmounted amp that aims to hit both British and American tones via a proprietary analog emulation technology.

Ortega Guitars Announces the QUANTUMloop

July 17, 2018
It's part looper, part digital percussion pedal and features over 20 built-in samples.

Schuyler Dean Pickups Unveils Vintage Copperhead Pickups

July 17, 2018
The pickups are designed to be a drop-in replacement for Jazzmaster-style guitars and feature vintage-spec grey bobbins and hand-ground Alnico V magnets.

SNAMM '18 - GFI System Jonassus Drive Demo

July 17, 2018
Check out a dual-channel dirt box with a plethora of mode options, from asymmetrical and symmetrical diode-derived to LED-driven distortion.

PG Giveaways: LIC Pedals Professional MKI

July 17, 2018
You could win a LIC Pedals Professional MKI!

SNAMM '18 - Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal Demo

July 17, 2018
The crew from the aptly named Latvian upstart blows our minds with the most unique fuzz concept we’ve seen since … maybe ever!

Sound City SC30 Review

July 17, 2018
This ’60s-inspired combo is a minimalist monster.

All the World’s a Gain Stage

July 16, 2018
A beginner’s guide to what makes tube amps growl, bark, and purr—from preamp tubes to output transformers and every cathode in between.

SNAMM '18 - Mythos Pedals High Road Fuzz, Herculean V2 & Cestus Demos

July 16, 2018
Roots-rocker Joey Landreth uses a Ry Cooder-inspired axe to demo his signature fuzz, as well as a boost and a dual-op-amp overdrive.

First Look: Wilson Effects Slapback

July 16, 2018
Nashville correspondent John Bohlinger uses his custom big-bodied PRS jazzbox to demo the dual delays that swarm from subtle waves to oscillation escapades.

Orangewood Launches the Overland Collection

July 16, 2018
A new collection of solid-top acoustic guitars starting at $195.

SNAMM '18 - Nu-X Stageman Acoustic Amplifier Demo

July 16, 2018
A compact acoustic combo comes packed with the usual must-haves and a cordless Bluetooth footcontroller to govern drum beats and looping functionality.

Yamaha CSF3M Review

July 16, 2018
Silky playability, sublime sounds, and top quality add up to a small-body super value.

SNAMM '18 - Park Amplifiers Park 18 Demo

July 15, 2018
Former Marshall guru Mitch Colby drives his new British-style 18-watter (which is also equipped with lovely tube-driven tremolo) with both a Tele and humbuckers.

Trash or Treasure: Epiphone PR7E

July 15, 2018
A reader’s curious preschooler finds an old guitar in a spare room. The reader smartly inquiries about its value before handing it over to a 4-year-old.

Stoppin’ on a Dime: Using Double- and Triple-Stops to Enhance Your Grooves

July 14, 2018
Get on the good foot with a handful of soulful, gospel-inspired riffs from Snarky Puppy’s guitarist.

Vertex Effects Announces the Ultraphonix Overdrive

July 13, 2018
The pedal aims to capture Dumble-style tones and is modeled after four generations of Overdrive Special amps.

Anatomy of an Amp Cab

July 13, 2018
It may not be the sexiest part of your rig, but the speaker enclosure plays a crucial role in the signal chain. Here’s what’s going on inside.