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Vox Introduces the Mini Superbeetle Bass

July 18, 2019
A reissue of a classic model from the British invasion.

Line 6 Unveils the Spider V 120 MkII

July 18, 2019
The new version includes vintage-style amp presets voiced by a renowned tube-amp maker and artist and iconic song collections.

Summer NAMM 2019 Coverage!

July 18, 2019
Enjoy all of our show coverage—including demo videos, photo galleries, and gear news!

Source Audio Unveils the C4 Synth Pedal

July 17, 2019
A four-voiced synthesizer pedal for guitar and bass with all the sound creation tools of a classic Eurorack.

Gretsch Announces the Steve Warnier Signature Nashville Gentleman

July 17, 2019
Features include TV Jones pickups, push/pull pot for coil splitting, and a Bigsby B6GP String-Thru tailpiece.

D'Addario Launches XT Line of Strings

July 17, 2019
The strings combine high carbon steel cores and our the company's most popular alloys with an extended lifespan treatment on every string in the set.

Rig Rundown: Cherry Glazerr

July 17, 2019
Grunge songstress Clementine Creevy hits us with the barrage of drives she uses for her band's lo-fi garage sound.

Balthazar Audio Unveils the Film Noir 18

July 17, 2019
A British-flavored combo packed with EL84 tubes.

Dwarfcraft Devices Reissues the SheFuzz

July 17, 2019
This run will be limited to 50 pieces with a portion of the proceeds going to fund women's health charities.

Kemper Releases Free Profiler OS 6.0 Upgrade

July 16, 2019
The update includes a pair of studio-grade ambient reverbs.

Last Call: Live, Without a Net

July 16, 2019
Take time to pick the strawberries.

Blackstar Amplification Launches the amPlug 2 FLY

July 16, 2019
The guitar version has three channels and includes Blackstar’s patented ISF tone control, plus chorus, delay, and reverb effects.

Live at Grimey's: Drivin N Cryin

July 16, 2019
The veteran Southern rockers, now armed with Sturgill Simpson's former axeman, Laur Joamets, shows a tender side with acoustic renditions of new tracks from Live The Love Beautiful and classic cuts.

Quick Hit: Laney Mini-Bass-NX Review

July 15, 2019
What’s smaller than a half-loaf of bread, runs on batteries, and just may inspire you to practice more?

Walrus Audio Unveils the Kangra Filter Fuzz

July 15, 2019
Designed alongside SNL guitarist Jared Scharff, the pedal takes inspiration from the classic Kay Fuzz Tone.

First Look: Mad Professor Double Moon

July 15, 2019
With 11 different modulation sounds under its hood, the Finnish tone-chaser's newest box bridges classic faux Leslie and spacey swoosh sounds to the wobbly weirdness needed for the 21st-century guitarist.

Audient Sono Review

July 14, 2019
A recording interface packed with guitar-friendly features.

The “Stairway” Progression

July 13, 2019
Zeppelin might be the most famous case, but plenty of songwriters have borrowed these infamous chords.

Tools for the Task: Coiled Cables

July 12, 2019
Ten leads primed to handle the bridge between your guitar and what you’re plugging into—with a twist.

Retro-Sonic Unveils New Flanger

July 12, 2019
An analog recreation of a classic '70s flanger.