April 2020

What's New

Mojotone Announces the 44 Magnum High-Output Humbucker

April 7, 2020
The company's most aggressive humbucker is aimed at modern-metal jammers.

Hartke LX8500: The Premier Guitar Review

April 7, 2020
With a highly maneuverable class-A tube preamp, 800 watts, a built-in handle, and a featherweight 8 1/2 pounds, this amp was born to rumble and travel.

Daredevil Releases the Hype

April 7, 2020
A knob-free FET boost.

PG Giveaways: Rocky Mountain Slides Company 5 Elements Series Real Stone Slides

April 7, 2020
Enter for your chance to win a Rocky Mountain Slides Company 5 Elements Series Real Stone Slides!

Riff Rundown: Covet's "Nero"

April 7, 2020
Guitar phenom and joyous human Yvette Young shows you all the complex parts and nimble fingertapping moves wrapped up in Covet's first single from their forthcoming album technicolor.

PG Giveaways: Stone Deaf Pedals PDF 1X

April 6, 2020
You could WIN a Stone Deaf Pedals PDF 1X!

First Look: Seymour Duncan Polaron

April 6, 2020
Mountains of modulation are amassed in a stomp that goes way beyond basic phasing.

Orange Crush Acoustic 30: The Premier Guitar Review

April 5, 2020
The British amp manufacturer’s first acoustic combo is smart and small, with plenty of juice.

PG Giveaways: Red Panda Particle 2

April 4, 2020
Enter for your chance to win a Red Panda Particle 2!

Ozzy’s Guitar Army: Unlock the Solos of Randy, Jake, and Zakk

April 4, 2020
From neo-classical riffs to pure shred and finally Southern rock on steroids, these three guitarists held it down for Ozzy for more than 30 years.

Release the Yeti!

April 3, 2020
A stylishly designed 4-string that offers unique looks, unique tones, and a uniquely pleasant playing experience. The PG Dunable Yeti review.

DIY: How to String a Gibson-Style Electric Guitar

April 2, 2020
Got a guitar with a Tune-o-matic-style bridge and three strings on each side of the headstock? Here’s a fast, easy video demo of how to get it ready for stable-tuned action.

PG Perks: Artisan Guitars

April 2, 2020
Enter today to win a signed Maton EBG 808 TE Tommy Emmanuel Signature Guitar from Artisan Guitars!

Do Bigger Strings Really Make for a Louder Acoustic Guitar?

April 2, 2020
Conventional wisdom says a heavier set of acoustic strings will make a guitar louder, but let’s not forget the other competing variables.

Rig Rundown: Ally Venable

April 1, 2020
This up-and-coming Texas-blues rocker walks through how she gets her huge tones.

Fender Launches Tom Morello "Soul Power" Stratocaster

April 1, 2020
One of the most iconic guitars of Morello's career—and it includes a kill switch.

PG Giveaways: Andrew White Guitars Cybele 100 & Free Month of Live Video Lessons

April 1, 2020
Enter to win a Cybele 100 and a Free Month of Online Live Video Lessons!

Seymour Duncan Launches the "Music Heals" Campaign

April 1, 2020
The campaign includes promoting professional musicians on the Music Heals website.

One Boost Pedal to Rule Them All?

April 1, 2020
Yeah, it does “pristine,” but it also offers ferocious, incredibly touch-sensitive fuzz—minus the noise. The PG ThorpyFX Heavy Water review.

“Seeing Women Play Guitar Is—Annoyingly—Still Something of an Anomaly”

March 31, 2020
British powerhouse Anna Calvi—known for visceral guitar playing and operatic vocals—invites Courtney Barnett, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and others to help rework her 2018 battle-cry, Hunter, into the aptly titled new Hunted.