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Rig Rundown: Lindsay Ell

August 15, 2018
One of country music’s rising stars shares what legendary picker gave her a Mary Kay Strat and explains why she started painting guitars.

Listen to the September 2018 PG Spotify Playlist

August 15, 2018
This month's tunes feature Johnny Marr, Brothers Osborne, Dylan Carson, Henry Kaiser, and more!

Xotic Introduces All-Brass Patch Cables

August 15, 2018
The All-Brass technology aims to provides a low noise/high performance audio signal.

Signal to Noise: Slave to the Sound

August 15, 2018
Explore the reactive load box and the role it plays in reamplification.

The 411 on Acoustic Guitar DIs

August 14, 2018
Crawl under the hood of the magic boxes that make you sound awesome through club PAs, venue mixing boards, and studio consoles.

Nordstrand Audio Releases Zen Blade—Big Hum Cancelling Blade Pickup

August 14, 2018
The sidewinding pickup is balanced, meditative, and at one with the face of the musical universe.

PG Giveaways: Shabat Guitars Bobcat

August 14, 2018
Enter for your chance to WIN a Shabat Guitars Bobcat loaded with Lollar Pickups!

Zander Circuitry Introduces the Foxxton Woods Fuzz and Surplus Overdrive

August 14, 2018
The UK company brand unleashes an insane octave fuzz harkening to the '70s and a dual-channel drive that goes from a sparkly clean boost to overdriven-recording-console tones.

Collings Introduces the New MT Torrefied

August 14, 2018
The flattop provides an extremely quick response for softer, more delicate passages, yet offers plenty of head room to dig in for a throaty, bluegrass bark.

Mooer Releases the Black Truck

August 14, 2018
The six-in-one pedalboard features a compressor, overdrive, distortion, EQ, modulation, and delay/reverb.

PG Giveaways: Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo Pedal by Zeppelin Design Labs

August 14, 2018
Win the new Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo Pedal by Zeppelin Design Labs!

Last Call: It’s Not Who You Know; It’s Who Knows You

August 14, 2018
To get around in the music biz, ya gotta get around.

Free the Tone Releases the BV-1V Black Vehicle Bass Overdrive

August 14, 2018
From a natural grind to a heavy distorted sound, the bass-specific drive can create a wide variety of sounds similar to driving an old-school vacuum tube amplifier.

Quick Hit: G7th Newport 12-String Capo

August 13, 2018
A clever compensated string pad improves intonation.

ZVEX Debuts the Russian Fuzz Factory 7

August 13, 2018
The latest FF gets its snarl from using two rare, Russian GT308V germanium transistors.

Zeppelin Design Labs Announces the Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo

August 13, 2018
The Quaverato features a digitally controlled analog signal path and is available as a kit for DIY aficionados.

Will Ray's Bottom Feeder: Cozart Serape T-style

August 13, 2018
A cheapo guitar with a Mexican-style blanket covering its body is a conversation starter—and a cool player.

Riff Rundown: Melvins' "Edgar the Elephant"

August 12, 2018
Buzz Osborne, Jeff Pinkus, and Steven McDonald break down their individual parts before combining powers for a thunderous performance of the A Walk with Love & Death track.

What the Ell? How to Keep Your Chops Up on the Road

August 11, 2018
Whether you’re a seasoned pro or weekend warrior, here are a few essential exercises to keep you on top of your game.