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Riff Rundown: All Them Witches' "When God Comes Back"

February 25, 2018
Ben McLeod deconstructs the monstrous guitar part that kickstarts side A of Lightning at the Door.

What the Ell? How to Write Your First Song

February 24, 2018
Country star, and certified guitar geek, Lindsay Ell shares some advice on how to finish that first song. Bonus: She shares the first song she ever wrote.

Tonal Tinker Toys: Reader Pedalboards 2018

February 23, 2018
When it comes to pedal puzzles and putting together your dream sound rig, there’s no right way—just your way. Check out these boards from your fellow readers, and be inspired!

Thunder Case Introduces the Flight Case Compact Vault

February 23, 2018
The company offers models that can hold up to four guitars.

Cleartone Strings Expands EQ Series

February 23, 2018
The newest additions are .010–.047 and .013–.056.

Samba Pedalboards Announces New Lineup

February 23, 2018
Samba Pedalboards, an innovative new brand, today announced the introduction of its Samba pedalboard lineup for guitarists, bassists and other musicians.

Bass Bench: Dead Strings ... Revive or Replace?

February 23, 2018
Learn how to reclaim “new string tone”—at least temporarily.

Yellowcake Lida Machine Review

February 22, 2018
A double-headed filter pedal full of compelling tones.

Rocktron Introduces the ValveSonic Plexi

February 22, 2018
Developed in conjunction with LA Custom, this preamp goes after the vintage tones of iconic British amplifiers.

G&L Opens Custom Shop

February 22, 2018
More custom options will be available including pickups wound on Leo Fender's personal winder.

ObsidianWire Releases Solderless SC Electronics

February 22, 2018
The new electronics give you the ability to individually split your four-conductor humbucker pickups into single-coils.

Last Call: Be Where You Belong

February 22, 2018
Sometimes you must face—and embrace—Father Time.

Rig Rundown: Radio Moscow

February 21, 2018
This psych-rock power trio doesn't mind a little 60-cycle hum from their collection of obscure vintage gear from Gibson, Alamo, Danelectro, and more.

Listen to the March 2018 PG Spotify Playlist

February 21, 2018
Check out tunes from Duane Eddy, Lee Sklar, Hannah Wicklund, and more!

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Presents the Flat Light Textural Flange Shifter

February 21, 2018
A futuristic flanger packed with three different modes, expression pedal functionality, and an internal trim pot to adjust output level.

Taurus Amps Announces the Servo

February 21, 2018
A simple, single-knob overdrive with switchable boost.

Vintage Vault: 1967 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard

February 21, 2018
A vintage signature model benefits from “the Grohl Effect.”

Jim Campilongo: Show and Tele

February 20, 2018
With one guitar, a Fender Princeton, and his imaginative technique, the NYC guitarist creates an alternate universe of sounds, captured on his new album Live at Rockwood Music Hall NYC.

First Look: Orange Brent Hinds Terror

February 20, 2018
PG's John Bohlinger straps on a hollowbody PRS, a vintage Gibson Les Paul (with P-90s), and a B-bender Tele to prove this metal box can do more than just "Blood and Thunder."

PG Giveaways: Traveler Guitar Travelcaster Deluxe Surf Green

February 20, 2018
You could win a Traveler Guitar Travelcaster Deluxe in Surf Green!