June Issue

What's New

Reggie Lucas: 1953–2018

May 23, 2018
From playing classic soul to breaking ground with Miles Davis to crafting pop hits for Stephanie Mills and Madonna, the guitarist-producer led a dazzling and varied career.

Holy Grail Guitar Show '18 - Vuorensaku Guitars T Family Demos

May 23, 2018
Finnish luthier Saku Vuori shows off classic-styled electrics featuring handmade components, reclaimed vintage hardware, and even a built-in fuzz circuit.

Rig Rundown: The Breeders

May 23, 2018
For nearly 30 years, these alt-rock pioneers have created gristly tones full of attitude and angst. Find out how guitarist Kelley Deal and bassist Josephine Wiggs craft their signature tones.

SoundBrut Announces the DRVA MkII

May 23, 2018
The upgrades include a quieter switch, treble-cut pot, and a simplified Q control.

Holy Grail Guitar Show - Red Layer Guitars Juggernaut Demo

May 23, 2018
Amsterdam builder Jort Heijen ups the Berlin show’s metal ante with the 8-string Juggernaut, which features stunning inlay work and a cool ported design.

MOD Devices Launches the MOD Footswitch

May 23, 2018
The footswitch allows users to toggle effects on and off, scroll through lists, and define tap tempos.

Holy Grail Guitar Show '18 - Versoul Custom Raya 6 and Buxom 12-string Demos

May 23, 2018
Kari Nieminen comes to Berlin from Finland with a gold-leaf-covered solidbody favored by Ron Wood and a jumbo 12-string used by Pete Townshend.

Holy Grail Guitar Show '18 - Teuffel Guitars Naked Birdfish and Niwa Prodigy

May 23, 2018
German boutique guitar icon Uli Teuffel shows off even more refined versions of two heralded models—the Naked Birdfish and Niwa Prodigy.

Will Ray's Bottom Feeder: Modified Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II

May 23, 2018
Three P-90s and a Bigsby remake a jazz box into a rockabilly raver.

Holy Grail Guitar Show '18 - Malinoski Guitars Hobo Demo

May 22, 2018
The Maryland, U.S.A., builder hops the Atlantic to show the high-end European gathering two Hobo models with unique, one-piece ribbed construction.

Quick Hit: Dusky Mandorla

May 22, 2018
A great amp builder builds a boost that—surprise—feels like a seamless extension of your amplifier.

Holy Grail Guitar Show '18 - Matsuda Guitars M1 Demo

May 22, 2018
Tokyo-born acoustic craftsman Michihiro Matsuda came from Oakland to Berlin with a flattop bearing exquisitely ornate mosaic work.

Holy Grail Guitar Show '18 - Manzer Guitars Archtop Demo

May 22, 2018
D’Aquisto-trained Canadian luthier Linda Manzer demos a sumptuously curved archtop featuring a unique complement of soundports.

Wizard of Odd: The Weird and Wonderful FujiGen PP Electrics

May 22, 2018
In a world awash with Tele and Strat remakes, it’s fun to stumble across quirky outliers.

Framus Unveils the William DuVall Signature Talisman

May 21, 2018
The Alice in Chains' frontman's namesake model features a contoured mahogany body with AAA flamed maple top and quilted maple inlays, set-in mahogany neck, tigerstripe Ebony fretboard, and Framus Custom fretboard inlays.

Signal to Noise: The Binary Soul of Electric Guitar

May 21, 2018
In his new column, Fryette Amplification's head honcho riffs about taking a holistic view of the instrument.

Benson Amps Releases the Benson Preamp Pedal

May 21, 2018
The circuit is based on the Benson Chimera amplifier and utilizes FETS in place of tubes.

Quick Hit: Ampeg Opto Comp

May 21, 2018
Three knobs and an optical circuit brew up mellow analog compression that fills out tone rather than choking it.

Last Call: Bohlinger’s Unofficial Guide to Music City

May 20, 2018
Our columnist’s take on the 6-string delights of Nashville—with a little added spice.

Beyond Blues: Nail Those Changes!

May 19, 2018
Fishing around for some new ideas to enhance your blues licks? Check out this step-by-step approach that covers everything from guide tones to scales.