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Line 6 Announces the HX Stomp XL

March 2, 2021
It expands the HX Stomp processor by adding five capacitive-touch footswitches.

Gamechanger Audio Releases the Light Analog Optical Spring Reverb Pedal

March 2, 2021
The pedal uses extremely sensitive optical sensors directed at different points of the spring to detect very subtle movements.

Hooked: Julien Baker on My Chemical Romance's "Thank You for the Venom"

March 2, 2021
The somber songstress details how Ray Toro's "metallic" riff showed her an alternative mood to standard melodies and guitar intervals.

Way Huge and Joe Bonamassa Unveil the Penny Saver Royale Modulation & Overdrive

March 2, 2021
One side features the Overrated Special Overdrive and the other side features the Blue Hippo Chorus’ primary mode—with a custom delay time specially suited to Joe’s taste.

Reader Guitar of the Month: 1960s Gibson Melody Maker

March 2, 2021
This Canadian player took over a luthier friend’s restoration project and turned it into a reliable gigging machine.

Hughes & Kettner Spirit of Vintage Nano: The Premier Guitar Review

March 1, 2021
Plexi inspiration makes this tiny 50-watt amp a clean-to-crunchy overachiever.

Wampler Pedals Releases the Ratsbane

March 1, 2021
A modern take on the infamous circuit from a classic “Rodent-based” 1980’s high-gain distortion.

DIY: What’s the Difference Between Boost, Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz?

March 1, 2021
Your favorite players talk about these guitar pedals almost as if they’re interchangeable, but there are important differences. Here’s what they sound like and how to use them.

The Big 5 Is Alive!

February 28, 2021
Why you shouldn’t miss PG’s latest bite-sized video series—whose fistful of questions coaxes refreshing candidness out of pro players of all stripes.

Make Your Sequences More Musical

February 27, 2021
Patterns can be viewed as boring or trite, but a little bit of creativity can turn them into bits of inspiration.

The Big 5: John Petrucci

February 26, 2021
The Dream Theater legend shares surprising desert-island-album and guitar-hero picks, and remembers finally saying “screw it ” to self-consciousness about his “super nerdy” secret weapon.

Hartke Introduces HyDrive HL Series Bass Cabinets

February 26, 2021
The new cabs use lightweight 16mm kiln-dried plywood which dramatically reduces the weight.

DIY: How to Pick Your Guitar Pick

February 26, 2021
Heavy, medium, light … tiny and pointy or big and chunky … plastic, stone, or steel? Here’s how to make sense of the confusing array of plectrum options.

Pro Pedalboards 2021

February 25, 2021
No one’s really toured for a year, but that hasn’t stopped us from catching up with guitarists of all stripes to find out what board candy has got them excited. Pandemic be damned! Here are some of the coolest stomp stations from the last year of PG Rig Rundowns.

First Look: Boss TB-2W Tone Bender

February 25, 2021
A stompbox goliath and a London fuzz pioneer honor the Tone Bender that elevated electric guitar to psychedelically stratospheric heights.

"I Didn't Know What the Hell Was Going On"

February 25, 2021
Mark Tremonti describes the first time he heard "Cathedral" and goes deep into each track on Diver Down.

Last Call: Monk’s Advice

February 25, 2021
In 1960, saxophonist Steve Lacy played in Thelonious Monk’s band … and took notes for us.

Godin Guitars Launches the Montreal Premiere HT Laguna Blue

February 24, 2021
The new model features a hardtail bridge, mahogany neck, and a Seymour Duncan neck pickup.

Lehle Introduces the Dual Expression and P-ISO

February 24, 2021
The Dual Expression is an active, wear-free expression pedal equipped with a precise magnetic sensor.

Rig Rundown: Bones Owens

February 24, 2021
The blues-rocker takes us inside his remarkable gear sanctuary to show off classic Gibsons, a heaping helping of Hiwatts, and a bunch of rare Pete Cornish pedals.