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What's New

Riff Rundown: Mutoid Man's "Kiss of Death"

February 18, 2018
Shredmeister general Stephen Brodsky breaks down the main guitar part for the band's most popular song off War Moans.

Rhythm Rules: 8 Ways to Navigate a 12-Bar Blues

February 17, 2018
These inventive riffs might make your next blues jam a bit more exciting.

Cheap Thrills! 12 Hacks Under $12

February 16, 2018
It’s easy to repurpose everyday items to help you maintain your equipment and play better. Just learn to think sideways.

Swart Amplifier Co Introduces the Antares Combo

February 16, 2018
A 22-watt combo packed with both 6L6 and 6V6 tubes.

Dusky Electronics Announces the Mandorla

February 16, 2018
A boost pedal designed for guitar, and good enough for bass or keyboard.

On-Stage Introduces the GTP7000 Mini Pedal Tuner

February 16, 2018
The tuner boasts 430-450Hz pitch range and +/-0.5 cent tuning tolerance.

NAMM '18 - Composite Acoustics | Trace Elliot Legacy and Transit AGP Preamp Demos

February 16, 2018
A new preamp system highlights the company’s latest NAMM offerings.

NAMM '18 - Animals Pedal 1927 Home Run King Compressor, Rover Fuzz, and Major Overdrive Demos

February 16, 2018
The Japanese brand makes its U.S. trade-show debut with fresh noisemakers and an assist from the tone chasers at Skreddy Pedals.

NAMM '18 - Schertler Roy Demo

February 16, 2018
The latest acoustic combo from the Swiss builders packs an impressive 400 watts into seven channels.

NAMM '18 - Outlaw Effects Wrangler Compressor, Cactus Juice Overdrive & Eldorado Echo Demos

February 16, 2018
Watch a demo of a handful of mini pedals that take you from TS-style grit to hi-cut squish, and more.

NAMM '18 - Alexander Pedals Colour Theory Demo

February 16, 2018
Listen to an in-depth overview of an intense 8-step sequencer that can make your guitar sound like a rack of synths.

Quick Hit: Seafoam Pedals Lighthouse

February 16, 2018
A boost that’s more than a boost.

NAMM '18 - Bose S1 Pro Multi‑Position Bluetooth PA System Demo

February 15, 2018
The pro-audio gurus demonstrate a remarkably small, powerful, and great-sounding acoustic-amp option.

NAMM '18 - Hughes & Kettner Era 2 Demo

February 15, 2018
Hankering for a bigger, more powerful version of the German amp maker’s acoustic blast box? Search no more!

NAMM '18 - Pigtronix Ringmaster Analog Multiplier & Philsopher's Tone Germanium Gold Micro Demos

February 15, 2018
This stomp builder’s mad-sonic-scientist-in-chief, David Koltai offers a highly controllable but indisputably wild variation on the ring modulator and a mini version of the company’s popular germanium growler.

The Darkness’ Justin and Dan Hawkins Swan On

February 15, 2018
Guitar playing brothers keep it sexy, with fat-toned dual Les Pauls, trim glam looks and hooks, and some help from Taylor Swift.

G7th Capos Updates the Heritage Series

February 15, 2018
The new capos feature Adaptive Radius Technology.

NAMM '18 - Benson Amps The Sorcerer Ryan Adams Signature Amp Demo

February 15, 2018
A collaboration with Ryan Adams and Chase Bliss Audio’s Joel Korte yields one of the coolest-sounding amps of the entire NAMM show.

NAMM '18 - Genzler BA12-3 SLT Demos

February 15, 2018
A powerful and unique bass-speaker array joins the family of ultra-reasonably priced amps.

NAMM '18 - Solodallas SD-50 and Solo71 T-Top Humbucker Demos

February 15, 2018
The AC/DC gear nuts unveil their take on the amp head and classic PAF humbuckers that powered Angus Young’s vintage SG.