One of the most mysterious and interesting guitarists to come out of the post-grunge scene is a master of dynamics, tone, and deceptive rhythms.



  • Explore the sound of the Phrygian dominant scale.
  • Learn how to combine odd-meter signatures.
  • Use open strings to create hypnotic, droning riffs.
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Formed in 1990, Tool is still considered to be one of the premier progressive rock bands of the era. While guitarist Adam Jones' playing is firmly rooted in the progressive idiom, he doesn't hesitate to draw on elements of grunge and even stoner rock, and the groove-based style of drummer Danny Carey and rock-solid timing of bassist Justin Chancellor results in heavy hypnotic riffs with constant shifting time signatures and exciting changes in dynamics. In this lesson, we'll touch on some of the topics from previous lessons and dig into exactly how Adam Jones makes somewhat difficult riffs and concepts groove so easily.

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