What the Ell?

Nashville recording artist Lindsay Ell shares tips on how she beats writer’s block ... and how you can, too.

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Discover how a daunting homework assignment unlocked creativity and musicianship while helping country superstar Lindsay Ell find her own voice.

"You just need to find your sound."

I've heard this so many times I've lost count. Living in Nashville for the past eight years has been great, but it can also be tough to find yourself in an environment like this. After signing my record deal, releasing a few singles, and working with amazing people, I felt so frustrated and confused when people would tell me I just hadn't found my identity yet. Basically, it comes down to: Who are you? What do you want to say and how you want to say it? I'm a songwriter, I'm a singer, I'm a guitarist, and I listen to many types of music. As an artist trying to find her "voice," these can be rough waters to navigate.

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