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Rig Rundown

Black Pumas Rig Rundown
Rig Rundown: Black Pumas' Adrian Quesada, Eric Burton & Brendan Bond

These old-soul musicians smother their classy Fender and Gibson guitars with tasty tremolo and splashy reverb, creating a reverential sound that bridges smooth Motown and slick modernity.

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Tool's Justin Chancellor Rig Rundown Gear Tour
Rig Rundown: Tool's Justin Chancellor

The bass lord morphs and mutates between rhythm and lead parts with a hearty Wal 4-string, Gallien-Krueger crushers, and a pedalboard that could make Adam Jones jealous.

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Gig Rundown | Episode 1: Isbell & Kingfish Rig Rundowns, Vintage Gear, New Pearl Jam
Episode 1: Isbell & Kingfish Rig Rundowns, Vintage Gear, New Pearl Jam, Keeley & EVH | Gig Rundown

The Rig Rundown crew breaks ground on a casual new video series where they'll chat about everything happening in guitardom and the musical universe. This time, they cover recent Rig Rundowns with Kingfish and Jason Isbell, discuss fresh music from Pearl Jam and Marcus King, ponder if using vintage gear on tour is worth it, and highlight some new products from Keeley and EVH. They close out with a debate on Billy Corgan's suggestion to rebrand the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tune in and turn up!

Rig Rundown: Buffalo Nichols

Although this singular stylist is based in country blues, his music reaches for the cosmos! Check out his dazzling array of pedals and rhythm boxes, and the classic instruments he uses to make trailblazing sounds live and on his new album, The Fatalist.

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Rig Rundown: Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale
Rig Rundown: Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale

The hard-rocking Aussie butt-kicker goes minimalist for his band’s current tour: a Line 6 HX Stomp, three guitars, and a modest pedalboard. And yes, he’s slowly working toward a new album, too.

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