First Looks

Martin 000JR 10E Shawn Mendes Demo | First Look

Conservation-minded construction shines in a comfortable, compact junior-sized 000.

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PRS Horsemeat, Mary Cries & Wind Through the Trees Demos | First Look

PRS’ first foray into stompboxes yields sonic gold.

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Jackson Audio & Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve Pedal Demo | First Look

A pillar of savage guitar rock sounds finds expression in a slick, silvery stomp.

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Streamlined simplicity belies a capacity for appetizing spring-style reverb tones.

Evocative and lively spring-style tones that work across disparate styles. Simple!

Pulsing reflections come on sooner than on some digital emulations. Some might like a darker basic voice.


Eastwood Dusty Spring


If, like many of us, you hail from a style-minded and vintage-oriented but budget-constrained segment of the populace, you’re probably grateful that Eastwood Guitars exists. Though the company’s offerings tend to favor the obscure, Eastwood is good at building functionally unique, well-made, and practical homages to weirdo styling. I know players who make Eastwood instruments front-line, first-choice guitars as much for their unique sound and feel as their looks.

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