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NAMM 2011 - Editor's Picks, Day 3

NAMM 2011 - Editor's Picks, Day 3

Jason Shadrick - Associate Editor

Kemper Profiling Amplifier
Coming out of Germany, Kemper has developed an amp that can copy the DNA of a guitar amp. You plug any amp into the Kemper and it sends signals through the circuit and speaker and then stores the settings for later use. Once an amp has been profiled, you can add EQ, effects and much more.

Jet City Analog Tube Replacement
Jet City has developed replacement tubes that are hot-swappable and require no rewiring. Three 12AX7 tubes are available: The Amber model offers up moderate levels of gain, the Blue model has a lower gain structure, and the Red model serves up high-gain tones. The tubes are cool to the touch, and you can change them in and out while the amp is running.

Visual Sound Dual Tap Delay
The Dual Tap features two separate delay circuits, and the tap tempo button locks in the tempo with both circuits. It also has a metronome input to sync with an outside source. Four different note value options are given: quarter, eighth, dotted-eighth, and eighth-note triplet. Visual Sound will begin shipping these in August.
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