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Dig into the details of a pile of new gear from Martin, Revv, Walrus, Dunable, Jam, and more!

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"It's maybe the most important thing to me that the solos [I record] are things that I haven't done a million times," country guitarist and singer/songwriter Brad Paisley shares on this episode of Shred With Shifty. "That's getting harder and harder to do." But as Paisley walks host Chris Shiflett through his solo on "Mud on the Tires," the centerpiece of the interview, it's clear that Paisley can improvise melodies that don't necessarily need to clear that bar in order to hook and make a lasting impression on his listeners.

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Maybach Guitars Baron Demo | NAMM 2023

Simplicity and craftsmanship meet in this one-pickup rocker.

Seymour Duncan HyperSwitch Bluetooth 5-Way Switch Demo | NAMM 2023

With one simple mod you can now access nearly any wiring setup you can dream up.

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Prestige Guitars Custom Shop | NAMM 2023

Over 20 years in development, the company’s new custom shop offers an impressive array of options.