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Open for Visits: The Fender Visitor Center

Open for Visits: The Fender Visitor Center

1. The farthest wall of guitars features examples from Fender’s many American series—along with explanations of the difference between American Vintage, American Standard, American Deluxe, and American Special lines—and photos and posters representing associated musicians. The top third of every wall lists songs written or recorded with Fender instruments, from the early days of rock onward.

2. There are a few displays of Fender signature artist models, which, like every guitar not encased in glass, can be picked up and played by visitors. This wall features John Mayer, Robert Cray, Eric Johnson, and Jimmie Vaughan Strats, a GE Smith Tele, a Sting Precision Bass, and a Roger Waters Jazz Bass. Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Mark Knopfler instruments are in the glass display case.

3. In addition to the signature models hanging on the walls, the main floor has standing displays for artists in all genres, like this tribute to The Boss. Fender amps are also on display throughout the main floor, with playable versions in the sound room.

4. Previewed first at the Fender Visitor Center events, this 5-watt Eric Clapton Vibro-Champ is one of three new amps bearing Slowhand’s stamp of approval. The line features the 12-watt Tremolux and the 40- watt Twinolux. All three are handwired and feature tube-bias tremolo circuits and a switchable power attenuator, per Clapton’s request.

5. The EVH brand has Wolfgang guitars on display, in addition to this painstaking replica of Eddie’s most famous axe. The 2007 Custom Shop replica has every detail, down to the year of the quarter and the loosely hanging trem bar.

6. The Visitors Center does not limit the displays to Fender instruments. Also included are displays of the other brands under the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation banner, like this wall of Jacksons. The models on display include production and artist signature models, as well as Custom Shop renditions like the replica of Randy Rhoads’ Concorde V.

7. Of course, if visitors want to leave the center with something to remember the trip by (and can’t afford that dream guitar just yet), Fender has plenty of swag to choose from. Shirts, books, art, strings, cables, and other accessories are among the items visitors can take home with them.

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