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Tuning Up

Ted’s favorite gear guru, Dolly, has a nose finding the worthwhile.

How many guitars, pedals, and amps do you need? Enough to make you happy. But window shopping alone has its own benefits.

I just got back from the NAMM show, and I am suppressing the nervous twitch of desire. My eyes and ears were flooded with all kinds of great gear, from cutting edge software plugins to microphones to—my favorites—pedals, amps, and guitars. With so much new gear around, G.A.S. was so abundant you could almost smell it hanging over the show floor. (Sorry, I could not resist.)

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Calling all pedal lovers! You could win one of SIXTEEN pedals in this year's I Love Pedals giveaway. Come back daily for more entries, giving you dozens of chances to win! Giveaway ends March 1, 2024.

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Ted D. at an early gig, circa 1988.

Photo by Eric H. Antoniou

For affirmation, education, and socialization, there may be nothing better than performing live.

Play a gig! That’s my advice on how to become a better player, and maybe even a happier and better human. Sure, plenty of us have played plenty of gigs, but I know a lot of people with a room full of gear who have never taken any of it out of the house, save for maybe the beach or around a fire. And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that, but why deny yourself the experiences that come with performing live in front of strangers through a PA? Take your acoustic to an open mic in a basement or local watering hole, or sit in with a friend’s cover band for a few songs. Maybe even sing, too. Just take any opportunity to get on any stage that you can, and let it rip.

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Chris Kies, Marcus King, and Perry Bean onstage at the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville.

Ever wonder what it’s like to do a Rig Rundown? It’s awesome! PG’s editorial director explains.

Although John Bohlinger has done the talking for the majority of our Rig Rundowns, followed by our director of video content Chris Kies and chief videographer Perry Bean, I’ve been PG’s jaws on my fair share. So, here’s what it’s like to do a Rig Rundown.

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Photo by Johnny Hubbard

Music is a lifelong pursuit, and all of us who love guitars and the sounds they make are in it together.

When you pick up an issue of Premier Guitar, you’re chasing music. And I’ll bet that’s something you and I have been doing, whenever we can, our entire lives. Driven by love, curiosity, and the excitement of discovery, we pursue the sounds that thrill us or might thrill us, and the more we learn or find, the brighter the flame grows.

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