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August 2008 New Products: Summer NAMM Wrap Up


Flaxwood Guitars Flaxwood Guitars

Billed as “the first real breakthrough in the design of a solidbody electric in at least a generation,” by an enthusiastic rep, Flaxwood guitars will appeal to the conservationists out there. Five years in development, Flaxwoods are made out of a wood-based, injection molded material that promises to create one of the most stable, toneful instruments on the market with a lot fewer trees. Impervious to heat and cold, packed with Seymour Duncans and featuring a truss rod that only requires adjustment once, you’ll want to check these out if Space Age materials are your thing.

Starting at $2800

Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition ’51 Nocaster

Okay, we’ll admit we’re suckers for this stuff, but Fender’s Custom Shop continually releases unbelievable relics like this ’51 Nocaster, featuring a body of lightweight ash, a Twisted Tele pickup in the neck and a Nocaster “U” shaped neck. With only 50 to be available worldwide, you’d better get approved for that line of credit quickly.


Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition ’51 Nocaster

Pedalflex Effects Pedal Remote Pedalflex Effects Pedal Remote

Sure, you may not think you need this, but consider how many times you’ve tried dialing in a knob on your pedal with the tip of your shoe, only to discover that your shoe was not made for precision adjustments. If you’re tired of groping around dark stages for the Drive control, Pedalflex’s new Effects Pedal Remote will allow you to adjust up to two knobs from the comfort of your mic stand. While it’s still a mechanical system and a little limited in scope, it’s better than nothing. We were also informed that a wireless system is in the works, which will open up the possibilities greatly.

starting at $69

Bourgeois Guitars Ricky Skaggs Limited Edition Dreadnought

Based out of a small shop in Maine, the folks at Bourgeois Guitars amazingly produce 400 guitars a year. This year ten of those will be their Ricky Skaggs Limited Edition, featuring (stunning) Brazilian rosewood back and sides, an Adirondack spruce top and an ebony fretboard. If those select cuts of wood aren’t enough to get you going, the guitar features tasteful appointments like a mammoth ivory bridge, ivory heel cap, engraved tuners and handmade bridge pins with raised ivory centers.


Bourgeois Guitars Ricky Skaggs Limited Edition Dreadnought

TiSonix Titanium Bridge Pins TiSonix Titanium Bridge Pins

The folks at TiSonix are obsessed with improving the tonal transfer of your instrument. From acoustic bridge pins (shown here) to saddles and complete bridge assemblies, TiSonix’ all titanium components promise more sustain and a clearer tone. If it’s good enough for battleships and the International Space Station, it’s gotta be good enough for your guitar.


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