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Dallas International Guitar Festival - A 2007 Wrap Up


Dallas International Guitar Festival Chris Fleming from Fender’s Custom Shop gave daily demonstrations on relicing guitars. I’ll spare the details and ensuing grief that a partial and brief explanation would cause in relicing efforts, but I definitely suggest checking out Fender’s relic clinics if the opportunity presents itself. It was extremely interesting, and there are certainly some new tricks to be learned for people interested in doing their own relics. Also interesting was Chris’ response to a question of where he learned his relicing techniques. It seems this relicing business is anything but new and has been used for quite some time in stringed instrument repair to match repairs on vintage violins and cellos to the instruments’ original weathered and aged finish. Cool stuff, indeed.

Dallas International Guitar Festival We also met Texas’ own Ace Pepper from Thunder Tweak amplifiers. Keep an ear out for this guy’s amps, and if you get a chance to play one, don’t miss out – they will amaze you. Teye Guitars was also in attendance, with Teye eager to get people playing his amazingly crafted guitars. St. Blues Guitars was in full force and had some great new guitars to show, as well as about the coolest vibe of any booth. Keep checking their website as new developments are on the way. We ran into the good people from Godlyke Distributing who were there with some new Tokai models bound for the U.S. market, which were fantastic. They also had the new Guyatone Optical Hybrid effects on display, which sounded incredible. A couple of the more notable non-industry exhibitors included Samuel Adams brewery (go with the Boston Lager) and the Invisible Children Movement, who provided a screening of their documentary film, Invisible Children on Sunday.

There were almost too many standout vintage guitars to list, but some notable ones were a nice selection of Wandres, a couple of custom color Esquire Customs, many slab-bodied Les Paul Juniors and Specials, several SG-shaped variants of the same, and lots of nice SG Standards and Customs, including a couple of ebony-block Standards. The selection was truly amazing, and if you could think of a guitar you wanted, odds were there were at least two or three to choose from, which is one of the many benefits to attending this show. Another benefit is that if and when you couldn’t see straight from all of the eye-candy, a good band and nice cold beverage were waiting just outside the hall, providing a great way to rejuvenate.

All in all, it was a perfect way for guitar fans, or music fans in general, to spend a weekend. Our thanks go out to all of the exhibitors, attendees and especially Mark Pollock and Jimmy Wallace for making this year’s Dallas International Guitar Festival so special.

Dallas International Guitar Festival

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