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Premier Collector #4: Oddballs


"This picture shows my wall of acoustics. Each one is unique. From left to right, first up is a 1999 Takamine AE Limited Addition. It has a mountain scene inlaid with wood around the soundhole and the 12th fret has a snow covered mountain done in shell inlay. Next is an Ibanez acoustic with a very cool curly maple top. The headstock actually broke off this guitar and was repaired. The result is a great playing great feeling guitar. The middle guitar is a Hohner acoustic that actually sounds and plays quite nice for the price, but my attraction was the Golden Gate Bridge that was wood-burned into the body prior to finishing. I currently live in the San Francisco Bay area and the Golden Gate Bridge is one of my favorite places to visit. A Washburn single cutaway is next in line. This is the Craig Chaquico model with Phoenix inlays in the neck. Craig is one of my favorite players and after one of his shows I got to meet him and have him sign it. You can see the signature just below the bridge. The guitar on the right is the Takamine 2003 AE Limited Addition. It features a beautiful soaring eagle inlayed around the soundhole in wood and shell and an eagle eye at the 12th fret."

"Here are most of the rest of my acoustics, some I play and some are just for display. The teal colored acoustic on the left is a Jay Turser guitar. It has a beautiful eagle inlay at the soundhole position and the sound hole is in the shape of its wing (more or less). I''m not real happy with the tone of this guitar, but it''s a beautiful eyepiece. Next one to the right is a Yamaha FG with an aftermarket mic installed in the soundhole. This is a great playing instrument with great general acoustic tone. It''s signed by Phil Keaggy (next to the bridge) whom I met at a worship music seminar and is also one of my favorite players. In the center is a Dean Acoustic V. It''s unique and cool and didn''t break my wallet, so I got it for my collection. The 12 string in the back is a Takamine AE. This was the first 12 string I ever purchased. It plays nice, but I''d like to find one with a fuller low end. On the right is a Carvin thin body 12 string. The sound isn''t much to brag about but this is a beautiful looking instrument with blue transparent finish over a flametop and gold frets and tuners."

"This picture shows my Raven guitar and an acrylic guitar. The Raven is one of my favorites -- it''s great to play and it looks awesome. The neck action is incredible and the guitar is superbly well built. The gold hardware on the transparent purple quilt top is stunning. This guitar is probably in my top five best players. The acrylic guitar is by Grand, and is really just one I felt I should have in my collection. The second picture is an OLP double neck. Nice playing instrument with a cool sunburst finish on quilt top body."

"The silver guitar with the colored marks is a homemade guitar. I bought the separate parts and completed it to my liking. I''m not sure who made the body, but the neck is a Kramer. I installed the Floyd Rose tremolo and all the electronics are Carvin. My favorite feature of this guitar is that each pickup has an on/off switch so I can use both the neck and bridge pickups if I want. The artwork is airbrushed by Daneen.

"The yellow guitar isn''t a mistake or a severly blemished clearance item. This is a Dewey Decibel "Flip-Out" Guitar. It''s so strange and unique it''s actually cool. These are well-built, quality instruments that are actually stage worthy, but for me it''s just part of the collection.

"Finally, the red Hawaiian tiki idol-looking guitar is probably more of a novelty than anything else. I bought it because it was unique and the price was right, but the guitar plays fine and the artist did an incredible job with it."

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