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Premier Collector #5: The Vintage Room

1965 Gibson ES-125 TDC, 1971 Gibson ES-320, 1983 Gibson ES-335
"I got the ES-320 one from yet another uncle. These weren''t too popular and only ran 1970 to 1975."

1957 Gibson J-45, 1963 Gibson ES-330

The Amps:
"My amps are simpler -- not enough room to collect too many. My signal first goes into a Peavey Rockmaster. The Rockmaster is a seventies, 12ax7 tube driven preamp. It has a three channel capability controlled with a footswitch. This really helps me play the different parts of a song from clean to driven with just a footswitch as I am playing with the recording. From the Peavey the signal goes to either a Fender Twin from the late seventies, MusicMan, or the Gibson GA17RVT.

1979 Fender Twin
"I use a Rockman Powersoak and a Rocktron Hush with it to drive it without too much volume."

1965 GA-17RVT
"I bought this and the ES-125 from the original owner who bought them together in the sixties. The Bigsby was original on the ES-125."

The Room:
"My collection (and noise) was outgrowing the guest room of our house, so my wife and I decided I should build a separate room from the house just for playing and displaying the guitars and equipment. So we found a place next to our house and the work began. First, a slab floor was poured; then concrete block walls were erected. A handyman and I did the rest. The room has a reinforced fiberglass door with a steel outer door, an alarm and monitor cameras for my peace of mind (we also have two 200 lb. Mastiffs).  It has no windows, two small skylights and is climate controlled. Apart from the alarm and video cameras, I can also monitor the humidity, temperature and I am alerted of a fire from the inside of the house."

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