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Tools for the Task: Pedalboard Power

November 18, 2016
Ten options for fueling your pedalboard population.
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Pigtronix Unveils the Philosopher's Tone Micro

June 25, 2016
One of the company's most popular pedals gets the micro-sized treatment.
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GALLERY: Summer NAMM 2016 Day 2

June 24, 2016
Highlights from the second day at Nashville's gear extravaganza include new offerings from 3rd Power, EVH, Pigtronix, and more.
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Pigtronix Echolution2 Ultra Pro Review

May 16, 2016
An ultra-powerful digital delay with modulation, pitch shifting, distortion, and real-time control.
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Pigtronix Announces the Pigtronix Power Isolated Power Supply

March 31, 2016
A multi-voltage analog power supply designed to provide quiet, stable power for high-end guitar effects pedals.
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State of the Stomp: Top 10 Pedal Picks from NAMM 2014

March 17, 2014
The coolest new pedals selected by a stompbox industry insider.
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Pigtronix Releases the Echolution 2 and Echolution 2 Deluxe

January 15, 2014
Echolution 2 has a 24-bit, variable-clock, full-stereo delay line that creates echoes from 10ms up to 10 seconds long.
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GALLERY: Tedeschi Trucks Band's 2013 Touring Gear

November 5, 2013
The guitars, amps, and pedals of roots-rock's favorite family band.
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Pigtronix Updates Infinity Looper Firmware and Releases the Infinity Remote Switch

October 1, 2013
The Pigtronix Remote Switch allows better access to undo/redo and reverse options on the Infinity Looper in addition to unlocking a few more hidden features with the new firmware update.
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Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator Review

September 3, 2013
This awarding-winning modulation pedal combines two classic effects—chorus and vibrato—in a compact, pedalboard-friendly package creating a wide spectrum of tones that are precise with extraordinary clarity.
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Pigtronix Bass Envelope Phaser Review

August 28, 2013
This compact, bass-friendly phaser offers a blend of simplicity, funk, and solid low end.
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Summer NAMM '13 - Pigtronix Gatekeeper Noise Gate, Quantum Time Modulator & Echolution2 Demos

July 18, 2013
Hear demos of Pigtronix's newest effects pedals -- Gatekeeper Noise Gate, Quantum Time Modulator, Echolution2, and the Echolution2 Deluxe.
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Pigtronix Unveils Gatekeeper Noise Gate

July 9, 2013
The Gatekeeper, a new noise gate pedal from Pigtronix.
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NAMM '13 - Pigtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor, Bass Fat Drive, and Bass Envelope Phaser

January 26, 2013
PG's Rebecca Dirks is on location in Anaheim, CA, for the 2013 NAMM Show where she visits the Pigtronix booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear demos of Pigtronix's first bass effects pedals -- Pigtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor, Bass Fat Drive, and Bass Envelope Phaser, which all are demoed by Living Colour Bassist Doug Wimbish.
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Pigtronix Debuts Bass Pedal Line

January 15, 2013
Pigtronix introduces the Bass Envelope Phaser, Philosopher Bass Compressor and Bass FAT Drive pedals for Winter NAMM 2013.
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Pigtronix Infinity Looper Pedal Review

January 9, 2013
Infinity Looper in Series mode, moving between verse and chorus sections on loops 1 and 2. Epiphone Sheraton and Vox Pathfinder used for all loops and leads. On the
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Pigtronix Philosopher's Rock Pedal Review

September 5, 2012
In an industry where being called a “clone” can actually be a compliment, Pigtronix manages to stay prolific in unique ways. The company rarely delivers a strictly traditional take
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Summer NAMM '12 - Pigtronix Philosopher's Rock Demo

July 13, 2012
PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Nashville, TN, for the 2012 Summer NAMM Show where she visits the Pigtronix booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear a demo from their newest guitar effects pedal -- the Philosopher's Rock.
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Pigtronix FAT Drive Pedal Review

March 9, 2012
The breadth and quality of Pigtronix output in recent years has been impressive. And for its efforts and ingenuity, the Long Island-based stompbox company has garnered the favor of
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Winter NAMM 2012

February 10, 2012
Editor’s top picks from Anaheim—the cream of the crop in cutting-edge gear.
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