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Deep Cuts: Ry Cooder’s Funky Fingerstyle

August 23, 2014
Open tunings aren’t just for bottleneck licks.
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Acoustic Soundboard: Euro Fingerstyle

April 29, 2014
Six European fingerstyle masters you may not have heard of, but should definitely check out.
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Acoustic Adventures: Leo Kottke's Invisible Thumb

March 15, 2014
Discover the secrets of fingerstyle master Leo Kottke.
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Eric Bibb & Habib Koite: Bonded by Rhythm

February 4, 2013
Raised in two vastly different cultures, Eric Bibb and Habib Koité celebrate their harmonic common ground, proving that music has no borders.
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Acoustic Adventures: Rhythm of the Heart - Tackling the Bridge in “Rhythm” Changes

December 18, 2012
Work on your internal timing with Pete Huttlinger''s arrangement of "I''ve Got Rhythm."
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Fingerstyle Boot Camp: “Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella” Arrangement

December 11, 2012
Learn this 16th-century French Christmas carol, in dropped D-plus-G tuning.
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Acoustic Adventures: The Small Stuff - Playing Two Parts at Once

October 8, 2012
“The Small Stuff ” contains several compositional elements that really make a solo guitar piece—a good groove, nice melody, and a solid bass line with clear separation from the melody.
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Secrets of a Classical Cat: The Four Right-Hand Commandments

September 5, 2012
Develop speed, sound, and nuance in your fingerstyle playing by exploring the “secrets” of classical guitar technique—beginning with a great right-hand setup.
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Acoustic Adventures: Open for Business

August 10, 2012
No longer relegated to beginner-level melodies or open-position chords, open strings can add sonic spice to your solos and make them come alive.
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Fingerstyle Workout: New Orleans Guitar

April 6, 2012
Understand the basics of the New Orleans piano tradition.
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Fretboard Workshop: A Bitter Pill to Swallow

January 10, 2012
I had been in the hospital for nearly four months with a heart condition. Two of those months I just laid flat in bed. So when I got back home and started to play again, I tried to pick up where I had left off. Wrong!
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Rhythm & Grooves: Exercise Your Independence

November 15, 2011
Another aspect of fingerstyle technique: fretting-finger independence.
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Acoustic Adventures: The Fingerpicking Engine

October 18, 2011
If you find yourself among the players who still lack a system for fingerpicking that prevents you from producing these sounds, perhaps your “fingerpicking engine” needs a tune-up.
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Rhythm & Grooves: Picking on the Ring Finger

October 18, 2011
This month we begin a series of lessons that focus on developing fingerstyle chops.
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Rhythm & Grooves: Sparkle Voicings

June 14, 2011
In this lesson, we’ll adapt—and greatly simplify—Lenny Breau’s approach, and use it to generate chord voicings that would be difficult or impossible to play with standard guitar technique.
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CD Review: Bruce Cockburn - "Small Source of Comfort"

March 15, 2011
Bruce Cockburn Small Source of Comfort True North Fans of Bruce Cockburn’s extraordinary acoustic fingerpicking will be thrilled with Small Source of Comfort, his 31st studio album. Cockburn’s shimmering arpeggios,
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CD Review: Tommy Emmanuel, C.G.P. - "Little by Little"

February 15, 2011
Little by Little is an ambitious double album full of everything from delicate Beatles-inspired fingerpicking to the barn-burning instrumentals that have become a cornerstone of Tommy Emmanuel''s live shows.
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Fingerpicking Blues: Classic 8-Bar Blues Solos in First Position

January 17, 2011
The following solos show how to play unaccompanied, solo blues in first position.
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CD Review: Harvey Reid - "Capo Voodoo: Solo Guitar"

January 17, 2011
Featuring 6- and 12-string acoustic guitar, resonator slide, mandolin, 6-string banjo, autoharp, and other stringed instruments, these collections offer stirring interpretations of folk ballads, Delta blues, sea shanties, Celtic tunes, ragtime, bluegrass, and classical music.
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Rockabilly Rhythm Basics

November 9, 2010
Learn finger independence to perfect the Travis picking style necessary for gritty rockabilly rhythm parts
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