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Radial Engineering


Radial Unveils the North-Star Overdrive and Power Booster

January 19, 2017
The North-Star's versatile overdrive circuit can be suited to a number of genres with tone-shaping features that allow players to adjust the sonic characteristics to their style.
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Quick Hit: Radial JDX Direct Drive

November 13, 2016
No amp? No problem. This DI offers a wealth of options for those who want to leave their amp at home.
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Radial Engineering Announces the Tonebone Classic V9

October 12, 2016
The updated version now runs on 9V and features three different mid-boost options.
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Radial Introduces Updated Tonebone BigShot

August 12, 2016
A passive instrument selector that lets you select between two instruments using a footswitch.
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Radial Engineering Introduces the BigShot EFX

July 29, 2016
Set up two separate effects loops and insert them into your pedal chain.
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Radial Engineering Introduces the Tonebone BigShot ABY

July 11, 2016
An updated version of the Radial Engineering's popular guitar amp switcher.
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Offbeat, On-Target Gadgets

May 3, 2016
12 brilliant guitar and bass accessories that stand apart from the pack—and often save the day.
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Radial Engineering Announces the Bumper, Headlight, and Headlight Pro

April 7, 2016
The Bumper lets you connect up to four instruments to a single guitar amp and select between them using a single footswitch.
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Radial Engineering Unveils the Mix-Blender

March 9, 2016
A completely new dual-function pedal that enables the user to mix two instruments or effects signals together and then blend in effects.
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Radial Headload Review

March 3, 2016
A high-quality load box and guitar D.I. with many pro features.
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Radial Engineering Introduces the Shotgun

February 17, 2016
A guitar-signal distribution amplifier that is able to drive up to four amps simultaneously.
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NAMM '16 - Radial Engineering Classic V9, Regency, Headlight & Direct Drive Demos

February 5, 2016
See and hear a Peter Janis' latest creations including a 9V distortion, a dual-functioning stomp that operates like a pre-drive and class-A boost, an amp switcher, and an amp simulator/direct box.
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The Year in Gear 2015

November 24, 2015
Our favorite guitars, basses, amps, effects, and accessories from the last 12 months.
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Radial Engineering Introduces the McBoost

November 9, 2015
A 100 percent discrete, class-A dual FET signal booster for low output dynamic and ribbon microphones.
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Radial Engineering Releases the Headload Prodigy

October 20, 2015
A combination load box and DI that enables one to drive a guitar amp at a higher output at a lower volume.
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Radial Engineering Releases the Twinline Guitar Effects Router

July 11, 2015
The signal router allows the guitarist to share effects between two different amps.
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Radial Introduces the Headload Attenuator

April 13, 2015
A feature-packed sound pressure reducer with a built-in DI.
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Tools for the Task: Acoustic DIs/Preamps

April 3, 2015
Acoustic DI options to help you conquer venue variables.
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