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NAMM 2011 - Editors' Picks, Day 2

NAMM 2011 - Editors' Picks, Day 2

Shawn Hammond - Editor in Chief

Harmony H54 Rocket
There’s a fairly rabid following of vintage Harmony semi-hollowbodies out there on eBay and other places, so it’s always intriguing when a brand gets revived. Cort’s parent company has purchased the rights to the name, and Dan Lakin (founder of Lakland basses) is now heading up production of the guitar. The pickup covers, knobs, body, and finish look and feel authentic, though the neck felt a little skinnier than the originals. MSRP $695.

Rainsong Studio Series Dreadnought
Dollar-wise, the new Studio Series has a lower entry point than previous Rainsongs, and the bodies have a textured feel to their graphite-and-glass surfaces. Just like a dreadnought should, the Studio dread sounded great—loud, clean, and very wood-like—when I dug in with a flatpick, but it also sounded wonderful fingerpicked. MSRP approx. $1800.

Ibanez SR Premium SR1200EVNF 5-String
This beautiful new 5-string bass features a contoured mahogany body and ovangkol top, a 5-piece wenge-and-bubinga neck with titanium reinforcement rods, a Mono-Rail IV bridge, Nordstrand Big Single pickups, Volume and Balance knobs (the two knobs), Cut/Boost knobs (for Bass, Mid, and Treble), and EQ-bypass and Mid-Frequency toggles. MSRP $1333.32.

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