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PG Presents 5 New Joe Satriani Tracks

We're excited to bring you, in conjunction with VOX, five new full tracks from Joe Satriani -- absolutely free. These tracks, originally available for members only, are being released this weekend exclusively for Premier Guitar readers. The tracks, on which Satriani uses his signature Vox pedals, are:
  • BBW #2 mix1 Joe steps out in this ultra-funky jam infused with healthy doses of Big Bad Wah and Time Machine delay.
  • BBW #3 mix The track that started it all! This is the soundtrack to our Big Bad Wah demonstration video—an amazing, high energy performance featuring the Big Bad Wah.
  • BBW DDL JAM mix Trip out with this drum and bass-style performance featuring the Time Machine delay in its time-bending element.
  • BBW WAH JAM mix An alternate take of the BBW DDL JAM mix featuring the Big Bad Wah.
  • BBW WAH VERB JAM mix A remix of the BBW WAH JAM mix featuring the Time Machine delay used as a reverb.
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Written by Joe Satriani
©2009 Strange Beautiful Music ASCAP
Courtesy of Sony Music
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