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Premier Collector #12: Vintage Grails & Boutique Beauties

Page 1 - Gibsons
'55 Les Paul Jr.
'55 Les Paul Special
'56 Les Paul Goldtop
'56 Les Paul Goldtop 2
'57 ES-225
'59 Les Paul Jr.
'62 ES-335
'62 SG Les Paul
'63 ES-355
Page 2 - Fenders
'52 Telecaster
'57 Esquire
'57 Stratocaster
'58 Stratocaster
'65 Stratocaster
'66 Stratocaster
Page 3 - The Rest
'58 Grestch Silver Jet
'69 Armstrong
'73 Gretsch White Falcon
Deusenberg Ron Wood Prototype
Trussart Steelcaster

1958 Gretsch Silver Jet

1969 Dan Armstrong, set up for slide

1973 Gretsch White Falcon

Deusenberg Ron Wood Prototype

James Trussart Steelcaster, nicknamed "Skully"

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