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Dave Pomeroy and a few of his best friends.

Photo by Jim McGuire

Organized labor has shaped the music we love, and Nashville Musicians Association president Dave Pomeroy believes musicians still need a fair deal.

“There’s always something to do in Nashville,” grins Dave Pomeroy. For Pomeroy, this is especially true. He’s the president of the Nashville Musicians Association (NMA), the city’s branch, or “local,” of the American Federation of Musicians (also known as AFM Local 257). The AFM is the largest musicians’ union in North America, representing around 70,000 music workers through more than 240 locals across the continent.

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Rock Like Lifeson: Lerxst Chi Amp Demo
Lerxst Chi Alex Lifeson Amp Demo featuring Zach Wish | First Look

Watch Zach Wish run the range of Rush riffage with this 30-watt, 6L6 combo built with Alex Lifeson's guiding hand.

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