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A hands-on look at the staccato stylings of Catfish Collins, Bruno Speight, Jimmy Nolen, and others.



• Learn how to improve your sense of internal time.
• Develop groovy parts in the style of Catfish Collins and David Williams.
• Understand how to fit within a rhythm section.

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The vast amount of research out there on right-hand technique and its application to lead-guitar pyrotechnics over the last 40 years is staggering, and it's a fair wager that observing rhythm guitar to a similar degree would produce interesting finds. However, in my many years as a guitarist I've been surprised by the lack of information available in regard to rhythm playing. Learning my favorite funk and R&B parts got me to a place where I could play rhythm confidently in many different situations, but something always felt a little "off" with the way I was approaching it technically.

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How jangle, glam, punk, shoegaze, and more blended to create a worldwide phenomenon. Just don’t forget your tambourine.



  • Learn genre-defining elements of Britpop guitar.
  • Use the various elements to create your own Britpop songs.
  • Discover how “borrowing” from the best can enrich your own playing.
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When considering the many bands that fall under the term “Britpop”–Oasis, Blur, Suede, Elastica, Radiohead’s early work, and more–it’s clear that the genre is more an attitude than a specific musical style. Still, there are a few guitar techniques and approaches that abound in the genre, many of which have been “borrowed” (the British music press’ friendly way of saying “appropriated”) from earlier British bands of the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s.

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John 5 on How He Gets Old-School Tones from His Metal-Friendly Tele | The Big 5

Plus, find out which guitar hero the Rob Zombie sideman “begs and pleads” with you to listen to.

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