Epiphone partners with Joe Bonamassa to launch the Joe Bonamassa 1962 ES-335 in Sixties Cherry.

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Touré holds his Godin LGXSA, which he says has an even response across all 6 strings, which is perfect for his fingerstyle technique. “I have to have the acoustic sound and the electric sound together,” he says. “It’s a very cool guitar. It gives me my sound.”

Photo by Kiss Diouara

On a transcendent pair of albums, the preeminent Malian guitarist takes on his country’s musical tradition and teams up with the bewigged psychedelic Texans to pay tribute to his father, Ali Farka Touré.

“You know what’s happening in Mali, right?” Vieux Farka Touré casually asked a sweaty crowd at Philadelphia’s World Café Live this spring. It was a brief aside in a propulsive set that had little downtime. Rather than elaborate, he quickly led his trio into the next pulsating song. It was a short interruption tossed out in the same low-key style as his other more routine between-song banter, but an indicator that Touré wasn’t there just to entertain. He was on a mission.

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Rig Rundown: Amyl and the Sniffers' Declan Martens

Ever wonder what an Australian muscle car sounds like? Let party-punk guitarist Declan Martens provide the burning-rubber details.

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Gretsch honors the late AC/DC co-founder, guitarist, and songwriter with an all-new signature guitar, Limited Edition Malcolm Young “Red Beast” Signature Jet.

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Doug Aldrich on Free's "All Right Now" | Hooked

The Dead Daisies' sharpshooter guitarist runs through his favorite A-chord riffs before zeroing in on Paul Kossoff's magic.