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The Secret World of Hindustani Slide

The Secret World of Hindustani Slide

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To fully experience Hindustani slide, you really need to watch a master at work. These videos reveal not only the incredible virtuosity of these guitarists, but also the emotional forces they can conjure from wood, wire, and a steel bar.

Accompanied by Subhajyoti Guha on tabla, Barun Kumar Pal performs a haunting raga on the hansa veena in this 2008 performance.

Artful camerawork allows us to hover over VM Bhatt’s mohan veena and get a clear view of his bar work and fingerstyle technique.

VM Bhatt and his son Salil trade blistering lines on the mohan veena and satvik veena in this 2009 festival performance.

Debashish Bhattacharya plays three different slide guitars of his design—the massive chaturangui, the gandharvi, and tiny anandi. His virtuosity shines on each.

In this rare British television broadcast, the guitarist who started it all—Brij Bhushan Kabra—plays his modified Gibson Super 400 onstage backed by Zakir Hussain.

Harry Manx sings Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love” while accompanying himself on the mohan veena.

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