December 2016

Premier Guitar Winners

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2015 giveaway winners

October winners

pg-pick.jpg Troy Owen of Reno, NV (Alvarez 1965 Parlor Guitar)
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Winners November

pg-pick.jpg Mat Trujillo of Albuquerque, NM (Satchel of Steel Panther Pro Rig Giveaway)
pg-perks.jpg Lee Nichols of Toronto, Ontario (Music Cord Pro)
pg-perks.jpg Fred Nyland of Mokena, IL (Music Cord Pro)
pg-perks.jpg Drew Wattles of Meridian, ID (Music Cord Pro)

Winners December

pg-perks.jpg Larry Stuts of Columbus, OH (Thalia Capos)
pg-perks.jpg Wade Jorgenson of Hayti, SD (Thalia Capos)
pg-perks.jpg Tim Castro of Billings, MT (Thalia Capos)
pg-pick.jpg Isaiah Greene of Granbury, TX (Cole Clark Giveaway)

Joshua Murdoch of New Albany, IN (Duesenberg Alliance Joe Walsh Signature Guitar)


Steven Masters of Navarre, FL (Moog Minifooger Giveaway)


Ron Ulrich of Beulah, CO (D'Angelico Masterbuilt 1942 Excel)

2016   giveaway winners


pg-pick.jpg Jaime Sanz of Belvidere, IL (Audio-Technica ATW-1501)
pg-pick.jpg Roman Iwasiwka of Williamstown, MA (US Music Mega Gear Giveaway)
pg-Perks.jpg Mark Kaufman of Plainfield, VT (Reverend Sensei RA)


pg-pick.jpg Julian Pereschica of Bakersfield, CA (Magnatone Varsity Reverb)
pg-pick.jpg Sam Turrentine of Bloomington, MN (Bad Cat Amps V2)
pg-pick.jpg Jason Stafford of North Providence, RI (Bad Cat Amps V2)
pg-pick.jpg Buddy Garret of Jefferson, GA (Bad Cat Amps V2)
pg-pick.jpg Jessica Garcia of Miami gardens, FL (Bad Cat Amps V2)
pg-pick.jpg Gary McQuigg of Council Bluffs, IA (Godin Session Custom '59)


pg-pick.jpg Blackie Greer of Floyd, VA (Keeley Pedals Katana Blues Overdrive)
pg-pick.jpg Meghan Berdelle of Highlands Ranch, CO ( Phil Collins Boxed Set)
pg-Perks.jpg Mark Koenig of Saint Paul, MN ( Two-Rock Cardiff Amp Head)
pg-pick.jpg Shane Knigge of Reno, NV (SVI Sound GE Autowah)
pg-Perks.jpg Monte Klein of Manistee, MI (Celestion V-Type)
pg-Perks.jpg Richard King of Warren, CT (Celestion G12-35XC)
pg-pick.jpg Ted Manuel of Searcy, AR ( Earthquaker Devices Afterneath)


pg-pick.jpg Daniel West, of Ireland (T-Rex Effects Alberta II)
pg-pick.jpg Dennis Roman of Glenshaw, PA (DOD Phasor 201)
pg-pick.jpg Brian Heaney (Lollar Pickups & D'Addario/Planet Waves Prize Package)
pg-pick.jpg Bill Davis (Fishman TriplePlay)


pg-pick.jpg Daniel Zumwalt (Seymour Duncan Jeff Loomis Blackout Set)
pg-pick.jpg Jay Lombardi (IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic)
pg-pick.jpg Andrew Northrop (ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME LIVE – VOLUME 1)


pg-pick.jpg Elisa Lowe (Godlyke TWA Pedalboard)
pg-pick.jpg Chris Loin (Tube Depot 18W Classic British Combo Amp)
pg-pick.jpg Monique Seifullin (Warmoth PG Built Parts Guitar)
pg-pick.jpg Dave Wartman ( Nash Guitars S-63 from Guitar Riot)


pg-pick.jpg John Lopresti (Pettyjohn Electronics Iron)
pg-pick.jpg Chris Byrne (Elteko Zoo Drive)
pg-pick.jpg Jay Ingle (Rock N Roll Relics Thunders)


pg-Perks.jpg Phillip Wallace ( Henriksen "the Bud" amp)
pg-pick.jpg Richard Haring ( PettyJohn Electronics Chime)
pg-Perks.jpg Steve Cowden ( Tone King Imperial MkII_
pg-pick.jpg Jack Freerick ( Martin D Jr E)
pg-Perks.jpg Alex Dunn ( Taylor GA 12- String plus Elixir Strings)

September winners

pg-pick.jpg Gary Stauffer    (Pedalmania week #1 -    JHS Pedals Ruby Red, Butch Walker Signature Overdrive)
pg-pick.jpg Jim Sutton    (Pedalmania week #1 -    Red Panda Context)
pg-pick.jpg Masato Tachi    (Pedalmania week #1 -    Seymour Duncan Forza Overdrive)
pg-pick.jpg Stephane Raineault    (Pedalmania week #1 -    ThroBak Pedals Overdrive Boost)
pg-pick.jpg Aaron Rasband    (Pedalmania week #1 -    ThroBak Pedals Stone Bender MKII)
pg-pick.jpg Christopher Garcia    (Pedalmania week #1 -    TWA WAH ROCKER)
pg-pick.jpg Steven Kellogg  (Pedalmania week #2 -    Aclam Guitars SMART TRACK S2 Pedalboard)
pg-pick.jpg Carlo Barbara  (Pedalmania week #2 -    Empress Effects Reverb)
pg-pick.jpg Tyson Brinacombe  (Pedalmania week #2 - Keeley Electronics Dark Side)
pg-pick.jpg Stephen Clark  (Pedalmania week #2 - Nux Effects Octave Loop)
pg-pick.jpg Julian Nuss  (Pedalmania week #2 -    Red Witch Factotum)
pg-pick.jpg Martin Wisckol  (Pedalmania week #2 - Sinvertek Electronic Co., Ltd. Distortion No.5)
pg-pick.jpg Lanny Gilbert  (Pedalmania week #2 -    Sinvertek Electronic Co., Ltd. Fluid Time MK I)
pg-pick.jpg Bradley Jackson  (Pedalmania week #3 -    Electro-Harmonix Mel9 Tape Replay Machine)
pg-pick.jpg Edward  Basiul  (Pedalmania week #3 -    Fishman ToneDEQ Acoustic Instrument Preamp/DI with Effects)
pg-pick.jpg Kevin Fanning  (Pedalmania week #3 -    Gator Cases GPB-XBAK-GR)
pg-pick.jpg Brian Walker  (Pedalmania week #3 -    Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone Micro)
pg-pick.jpg Jose Jara(Pedalmania week #3 -    Source Audio Nemesis Delay)
pg-pick.jpg James Heap    (Pedalmania week #3 -    Tech 21 Richie Kotzen RK5 Signature Fly Rig®)
pg-pick.jpg Alex Konstantine    (Pedalmania week #4 -    Alexander Pedals Equilibrium Deluxe)
pg-pick.jpg Rabi Shook    (Pedalmania week #4 -    Daredevil Pedals Premium Overdrive)
pg-pick.jpg Ignacio Arias   (Pedalmania week #4 -    Greer Amps Super Hornet)
pg-pick.jpg Scott Ferguson    (Pedalmania week #4 -     Peterson Strobe Tuners Stomp Classic)
pg-pick.jpg John Hamnett    (Pedalmania week #4 -     Boss ES-5)
pg-pick.jpg Greg Peerenboom    (Pedalmania week #4 -     Wren & Cuff Elephant Skin)
pg-pick.jpg Luke Jackman    (Pedalmania week #4 -     George L's Solderless Effects Kit)
pg-pick.jpg Jakob Brooks    (Pedalmania week #4 -     George L's Solderless Effects Kit)
pg-pick.jpg Jeff Haddad    (Pedalmania week #4 -     George L's Solderless Effects Kit)
pg-pick.jpg Todd Lambert    (Pedalmania week #4 -     George L's Solderless Effects Kit)
pg-pick.jpg Kyle Knappenberger     (Pedalmania week #4 -     George L's Solderless Effects Kit)

October winners

pg-pick.jpg Mitchell Weissman    (Pedalmania week #5 - Henretta Engineering Chord Blaster)
pg-pick.jpg Nick Buckley    (Pedalmania week #5 -  MXR Double Double Overdrive)
pg-pick.jpg Jeff Provost    (Pedalmania week #5 -  One Control Purple Plexifier)
pg-pick.jpg John A Beavers    (Pedalmania week #5 -  ISP Technologies, LLC Theta Preamp)
pg-pick.jpg Pedro Rodriguez     (Pedalmania week #5 -  RAT Distortion FAT RAT)
pg-pick.jpg Mark McKeever  (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #1 - Digitech Nautila)
pg-pick.jpg Travis Kinnear    (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #2 - LR Baggs Anthem)
pg-pick.jpg Greg Mauser    (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #2 - LR Baggs Session DI)
pg-pick.jpg Luke  Page   (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #3 - Xotic Effects RC Booster V2)
pg-pick.jpg Tom Canning  (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #4 - Strymon Flint )
pg-pick.jpg Ken Secor  (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #5 - T-Rex Effects Fat Shuga)
pg-pick.jpg Patrick Hepburn  (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #6 - Alexander Pedals Equilibrium Deluxe)
pg-pick.jpg Ferris Fleming  (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #7 - Korg Pitchblack Mini Tuner)
pg-pick.jpg Dustin O'brien  (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #8 - Aguilar Chorusaurus)
pg-pick.jpg Eric Hintz  (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #9 - Spaceman  Black Edition Atlas III  Plus a $50 Spaceman Gift Certificate)
pg-pick.jpg George Cox (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #10 - Eventide H9 Max)
pg-pick.jpg Marc Broder (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #11 - RMI Basswitch Compressor)
pg-pick.jpg Brian Richter (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #12 - Custom Wired Pedaltrain Classic JR w/ Soft Case, BTPA Solderless Kit, 12ft Guitar Cable from Best-Tronics Pro Audio)
pg-pick.jpg Scott Rand (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #13 -Carl Martin AC-Tone Single Channel)
pg-pick.jpg Tracy Strombom (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #14 - Choice of Pedal from Amptweaker)
pg-pick.jpg James Smiley (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #15 - Haymaker Dynamic Drive from Caroline Gutiar Company)
pg-pick.jpg Dean Jones (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #16 - EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive Deluxe, 5 pcs EBS Flat Patch Cables)
pg-pick.jpg Santo Equale (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #17 - Providence Red Rock Overdrive from EMG Pickups)
pg-pick.jpg Christopher Loseth (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #18 - Atomic Amps AmpliFire)
pg-pick.jpg  Barry Urbas (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #19 - Ibanez OD850)
pg-pick.jpg Juho Väyrynen (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #20 - Earthquaker Devices Transmisser)
pg-pick.jpg Ben Gubar (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #21 - Diamond Nine Zero Two)
pg-pick.jpg Craig Cobb (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #21 - Diamond Tremolo)
pg-pick.jpg Tom Dorsey (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #21 - Diamond Memory Lane Jr.)
pg-pick.jpg Kevin Case (Stompboxtober 2016 Day  #22 - Big Joe Stompbox Company Power Box Lithium)