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Premier Guitar Winners 2013/2014

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pg-pick.jpg Dean Cramer of Round Hill, VA (Ibanez AR420VLS)
pg-pick.jpg Joe Tabera of Huntington Beach, CA (ProGuitarShop Pedalboard)
pg-pick.jpg Adam Yoblonski of New Westminster, British Columbia (Fryer Brian May Treble Boost)
perks-log.jpg Thomas Wood of Indiana, PA (D'Addario Prize Pack)
perks-log.jpg Matthew Snyder of Toledo, OH (D'Addario Prize Pack)
perks-log.jpg Perry Mcpherson of Duluth, GA (D'Addario Prize Pack)
perks-log.jpg Ray Fairbanks of Leesburg, VA (D'Addario Prize Pack)
perks-log.jpg Dan Couture of Alexandria, Ontario (D'Addario Prize Pack)
perks-log.jpg Wayne Lecoy of Winnipeg, Manitoba (D'Addario Prize Pack)
perks-log.jpg Jeff Bissette of Bailey, NC (D'Addario Prize Pack)
perks-log.jpg Alan Wade of St. John, IN (D'Addario Prize Pack)
perks-log.jpg George Seaton of Scottsdale, AZ (D'Addario Prize Pack)
perks-log.jpg John Ireland of Spring Valley, CA (D'Addario Prize Pack)
perks-log.jpg Jeremy Jarrat of Florence, KY (ZT Lunchbox Amp)
pg-pick.jpg Tim Tynes of Burleson, TX (Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Cry Baby)
pg-pick.jpg Clyde Tornes of Woodland Hills, CA (Empress Effects Super Delay)


perks-log.jpg Chris Cotne of Bronxville, NY
perks-log.jpg Brent Rader of Minneapolis, MN (Aspri Creative Acoustic Reverb)
perks-log.jpg Sean Goolsby of Bryan, TX (Aspri Creative Acoustic Reverb)
perks-log.jpg Darcy Slowski of Yorkton, SK (Aspri Creative Acoustic Reverb)
pg-pick.jpg Elihud Rojas of Anaheim, CA (Goby Labs Universal Guitar Stand)
pg-pick.jpg Ian Perge of Evansville, IN (Goby Labs Universal Guitar Stand)
pg-pick.jpg Ron Peterson of Salem, OR (Goby Labs Universal Guitar Stand)
pg-pick.jpg Charles Schmidt of Sterling, VA (Mad Professor Electric Blue Chorus)
pg-pick.jpg Chuck Agresta of Wilmington, NC (Kemper Profiling Amp)
pg-pick.jpg James Hall of Harold, KY (Schroeder Chopper GI)
perks-log.jpg Brett Walston of Centennial, CO (Audio-Technica Wireless Guitar System)
pg-pick.jpg Mike McAvoy of Pittsfield, MA (Caroline Guitar Co. Icarus Boost)


perks-log.jpg Phil Smith of Sebastopol, CA (G&L M-2000 Tribute bass)
pg-pick.jpg Emil Toth of Silver Spring, MD (Earthquaker Devices Hoof Fuzz from Guitar Riot)
perks-log.jpg Simon Pellett of Manchester, NH (Red Witch Seven Sisters Pedals)
pg-pick.jpg Joel Rudy of Shenandoah Junction, WV (PRS NS-14)
pg-pick.jpg Kevin Johnson of Fort Myers, FL (PRS NS-14)
pg-pick.jpg Joe Saintomas of Apex, NC (T-Rex Tonebug Sensewah)
pg-pick.jpg Niles Frantz of Chicago, IL (Aspri Creative Reverb)
pg-pick.jpg Ewing Falla of Barcelona, Spain (Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz)
perks-log.jpg Justin Tannehill of Findlay, OH (Recording King RO-310)
perks-log.jpg Bob Phelps of Louisville, KY (Breedlove Studio C250/SFe)
pg-pick.jpg Edward Harmicar of Salem, OH (Valvetrain Trenton 2x10V)


pg-pick.jpg Gage Kinard of Greenwood,SC (Jet City The FLood Analog Delay)
pg-pick.jpg Kevin Ryan of Saint Cloud, FL (Catalinbread Galileo)
pg-pick.jpg Gregg Markus of Omaha, NE (Black Cat Pedals Mini Trem)
pg-pick.jpg Joseph E Jones of Willingboro, NJ (Empress Effects Pedalboard)
pg-pick.jpg Brett Ardiel of Sherwood Park, Alberta (G&L Buckshot)


pg-pick.jpg Nathan Golden of Lake Hiawatha, NJ (Stetsbar Tremolo)
pg-pick.jpg David Tschirhart of Sterling Heights, MI (Summer Survival Day#1)
pg-pick.jpg Darren Vincent of Corner Brook, NL (Summer Survival Day #2)
pg-pick.jpg James Higgins of Gladsden, AL (Summer Survival Day #3)
pg-pick.jpg Guillermo Gonzalez of Los Angeles, CA (Summer Survival Day #4)
pg-pick.jpg Gil Cloyd of Wildwwod, MO (Summer Survival Day #5)
pg-pick.jpg Vance Bass of Albuquerque, NM(Summer Survival Day #6)
pg-pick.jpg Mike Hoebeke of Cedar Park, TX (Summer Survival Day #7)
pg-pick.jpg Geoff Pulsifer of Saco, ME (Summer Survival Day #8)
pg-pick.jpg Nick Walker of Wichita, KS (Summer Survival Day #9)
pg-pick.jpg Bill Athon of Conyers, GA (Summer Survival Day #10)
perks-log.jpg Ryan Stanley of Pelzer, SC (Eastwood Classic 6)
pg-pick.jpg Chad Reed of Weldon, NC (Diamond Pedals Quantum Leap)
pg-pick.jpg Vic DeFlorio of Cranford, NJ (Moog Music LE Mooger Fooger Lineup)


pg-pick.jpg David Laird of Yuba City, CA (EHX Crying Tone Wah)
pg-pick.jpg Rosalie Santos of  Las Vegas, NV (ASPRI Creative Reverb)
perks-log.jpg Ray McAlister of Arlington, TX (Strymon El Capistan and Flint)
perks-log.jpg Dave Lesinski of Buffalo, NY (Eastwood AstroJet)
pg-pick.jpg Dave Geier of Richmond, IN (Eastman Ultimate Recording Rig)
pg-pick.jpg Brian Gainey of Depew, NY (Gibson Firebird)
pg-pick.jpg John Rackley of Kirkland, WA (GJ2 "Glendora" guitar by Grover Jackson)
pg-pick.jpg Christian Bracey of Grants Pass, OR (Maxon/Godlyke Grand Prize)
pg-pick.jpg Matt Barker of Chesterfield UK (Maxon/Godlyke Runner-Up Prize)
pg-pick.jpg Bob Jackson of Souix City, IA (ESP LTD EC-401FM from Skinny Music)


pg-pick.jpg Brendan Kearce of Orlando, FL (Jet City JetDirect)
perks-log.jpg Sterling Firth of Millbrook, AL (Cole Clark Angel)
pg-pick.jpg John Spicuzza of Schaumburg, IL (Malekko Spring Reverb)
pg-pick.jpg Leo Macaraeg of Austin, TX  (Dunlop Strings)
perks-log.jpg Dave Lesinski of Buffalo, NY (Eastwood Astrojet)
perks-log.jpg Jeff Tice of Mission Viejo, CA (Fargen Pedalboard)
Scott Turner of Holmen, WI (EHX Deluxe Big Muff Pi)


pg-pick.jpg John Puleo of Pine River, MN (Analog Alien Fuzz Bubble)                     
pg-pick.jpg Tabitha Bergman of Austin, TX (Z.Vex Effects Sonar)
pg-pick.jpg Xin Chen of Toronto, Ontario (Snark Pedal Tuner)
pg-pick.jpg Robert Berman of West Springfield, MA (Dunlop Strings)
pg-pick.jpg Chris Smail of Plainfield, IN (Z.Vex Ooh Wah II)

September winners

pg-pick.jpg Richard Roberts of Austin, TX (ENGL Ironball)
pg-pick.jpg Joseph Fradella of  San Fransisco, CA (Fishman Loudbox Performer)
perks-log.jpg Robert Coffey of Oakridge, NJ ( BBE Window Pane) - Pedalmania Week #1
perks-log.jpg Jon Bales of Anaheim, CA (Electro-Harmonix Analogizer) - Pedalmania Week #1
perks-log.jpg   Daniel Szaba of Pittsford, NY (Heptode Deep Crunch) - Pedalmania Week #1
perks-log.jpg Caleb Mitchell of Owasso, OK (Red Witch Pedals Synthatron) - Pedalmania Week #1
perks-log.jpg Casey Fish of Auburn, NH (Walrus Audio Jupiter) - Pedalmania Week #1
perks-log.jpg Tyler Burke of Auckland, NZ (Heptode Heavy Tone) - Pedalmania Week #2
perks-log.jpg Andrew Harrison of Walls, MI (Ibanez Echo Shifter) - Pedalmania Week #2
perks-log.jpg Dave Quick of Salem, IL (Mr. Black Eterna) - Pedalmania Week #2
perks-log.jpg Mark Nason of Hampden, ME (Randall RG13 Pedal Amplifier) - Pedalmania Week #2
perks-log.jpg Robert Loven of Cypress, CA (Earthquaker Devices Arpanoid) - Pedalmania Week #2
perks-log.jpg Marcel Caron of Greenville, PA (Earthquaker Devices Depths) - Pedalmania Week #3
perks-log.jpg Christopher Collier of Fairview, IL (Eden WTDI) - Pedalmania Week #3
perks-log.jpg Tomas Lindberg Varmland, SE (Empress Effects Heavy) - Pedalmania Week #3
perks-log.jpg Tom Canning of Moorhead, MN (EHX Stereo Talking Machine) - Pedalmania Week #3
perks-log.jpg Mike Allen of Raleigh, NC (Spontaneous Audio Devices Son of Kong) - Pedalmania Week #3
perks-log.jpg Gregg Nickens of Oklahoma City, OK (Digitech iStomp) - Pedalmania Week #3
perks-log.jpg Steven Kellog of Vista, Ca (Analog Alien Rumble Seat)  - Pedalmania Week #4
perks-log.jpg Frank Melchor of Henderson, NV (Diago Pedaloard and Basswitch IQ DI) - Pedalmania Week #4
perks-log.jpg Del Bellis of Battle Grove, WA ( Dr. No Effects More gary) - Pedalmania Week #4
pg-pick.jpg John Balch of Hammond, IN (EBS Multicomp)
perks-log.jpg Greg McCallum of Austin, TX (Mooer Pedalboard) - Pedalmania Week #4
perks-log.jpg Alfred Samkutty of Shrewsbury, MA ( VanAmps Sole mate Jr) -  Pedalmania week #4
perks-log.jpg Peter Saccoccio of Lynbrook, NY ( Wampler Dual fusion and Velvet Fuzz) - Pedalmania Week #4

October winners

perks-log.jpg Bruce Lockhart of Honolulu, HI ( BBE Sound 427) -  Pedalmania week #5  
perks-log.jpg Shlomo Klahr of Cedarhurst, NY (BoiceBox) - Pedalmania week #5  
perks-log.jpg Scott Bartel of Largo, FL (Enourmos Door Pedals) - Pedalmania week #5  
perks-log.jpg Dale Schmitt of Charlotte, NC (JHS Superbolt) - Pedalmania week #5  
perks-log.jpg Joseph Russo of Litchfield, AZ (Line 6) - Pedalmania week #5  
perks-log.jpg Cyrus Cathey of Laceys Spring, AL (Retro-Sonic)  - Pedalmania week #5  
perks-log.jpg Dave Henwood of Paris, Ontario (Spaceman Saturn V) - Pedalmania week #5  
  pg-pick.jpg   Jeff Tatreau of Chandler, AZ(GCS-2) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Steven Correy of Austin, KY (EBS TremoLo)  
  pg-pick.jpg   Stephen Werner of Plymouth, MA(APP-1) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg David Schaub of Las Vegas, NV (Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Graham Bell of Portland, Or (Carl Martin TOD) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Robert Murphy of Orlando, FL (DLS Effects Ultra Chorus II) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Seth Gingerich of Canby, OR (MXR Super Badass Distortion) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Joel Burkhart of Atlanta, GA (SolidGoldFX The Zeta) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Mike Watson of Waikato, New Zealand (Mr. Black Supermoon) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Paul Wolf of Brooklyn, NY (Peterson Stomp Classic) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Eddie Turner of Denver, CO (Eventide H9 Harmonizer) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Jerry Martin of Ney York, Ny (EBS Unichorus)   
pg-pick.jpg John Murphy of Washington, DC (Laffing Dog Blue Dog) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Omar Watrin of Irving, TX ( Source Audio Soundblox 2) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Rob Basque of Milford, CT (Source Audio Soundblox 2) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Kris Buscome of Queens, NY (Hammond/Suzuki Leslie Pedal) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Matthew Ford of Brighton, MA (Fulltone Supa-Trem 2) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Don Reichert of Port Charlotte, FL (EBS Dynaverb)  
pg-pick.jpg Marc Prave of Curwensville, PA (Tech 21 Boost Distortion) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg  Rocky May of Clinton, TN (Tech 21 Boost Fuzz) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Steven Piemontese of Chaparral, NM ( Tech 21 Boost Overdrive) - Stompboxtobert  
pg-pick.jpg Drew West of Longmont, CO (Gibson Memphis 50th Anniversary 963 ES-335 TDC)  
pg-pick.jpg Kramer Ison of Brea, CA (Electra Omega)  
  pg-pick.jpg   Chuck French of Denver, CO (Godlyke/Maxon AD10 Analog Delay) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Daniel McMillan of Brookfield, CT (Keeley Luna Overdrive) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Mitch Martin of Dakota Dunes, SD (Keeley Compressor) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg James Huse of Indianapolis, IN (Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Joe Cavaleri of Simi Valley, Ca (Taurus Dexter Overdrive) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Brian Donald of Scarborough, Ontario (ModTone Auto Wah) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Will Wiggins of Florence, SC (ModTone High Gainer) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Erik Businskis of Glendale, CA (Lehle Sunday Driver)  - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Ron Grande of Rutland, VT (Dwarfcraft Devices She Fuzz) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg William Wayte of Wichita Falls, TX (T-Rex Effects Alberta II) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg  Dennis Criss of Gaston, OR (TC Electronic PolyTune 2)- Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Roland Anderson of Baytown, TX ( Diamond Pedals Cornerstone) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Christopher Smithers of Verona, NJ ( Diamond Tremolo) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Hernan Paez of Rosario, Argentina (Diamond Memory Lane Jr.)- Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg  Mark Childs of Akron, NY (Analog Man Peppermint Fuzz)- Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Tim Nahomy of Winnipeg, Manitoba (Pedaltrain Power Supply) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Randt Chapman of Lyme, CT (Pedaltrain pedalboard) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Robert Koob of Riverview, FL (D'Addario/Planet Waves Tuner) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Kevan Brott of Toronto, Ontario (Bearfoot FX Candy Apple Fuzz) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Bill Koch of Monkton, MD (Bearfoot FX Arctic White Fuzz) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg David Cederlun of Marion, MA (Bearfoot FX Pink Pruple Fuzz) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Derek Metz of Fort Collins, CO (Tortuga Effects Coral Adder)- Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Joseph Sunder of Brooklyn, Ny (Fishman Fission Bass Powerchord FX Pedal) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Mattson Coffman of Seattle, WA (Fishman Aura Spectrum DI) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Jennifer Creecy of Henderson, TN (RockBox Brown Sugar) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Zach Gilbert of Cambridgeshire, UK (Rockbox Red Dog) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Kevin Kidd of Raleigh, NC ( Rockbox Boiling Point) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Richard Alison of Ambler, PA(Rockbox Baby Blues) - Stompboxtober  
pg-pick.jpg Marvin Whitman of Menomonie, WI (Fix Pedalboards Grand Finale!) - Stompboxtober  


pg-pick.jpg Christopher Houlihan of Glastonbury, CT (Vigier Excalibur Special 7)
  perks-log.jpg Chad Tindale of Marietta, GA (FRFR Rig from Alairex, Eventide, Line 6 and Two-notes)
pg-pick.jpg Douglas Wurster of Turnersville, NJ (Epiphone Genesis)
  perks-log.jpg David Cheda of Norton, MA ( Metalocalypse/Dunlop Rig)
pg-pick.jpg Paul Tiepe of Yorba Linda, CA (iPad and Griffin Technology Prize Package)

Winners December

perks-log.jpg Matthew D'Souza of Batavia, IL (Love Pedal 10th Anniverary Eternity)
 pg-pick.jpg Todd Weise of Jacksonville, FL (Strymon BigSky Reverberator)
perks-log.jpg David Dodge of Umatilla, FL (Eastwood Classic 12)

2014 Giveaway Winners


perks-log.jpg Michael Place of Euless, TX (Willcox guitars Atlantis)
 pg-pick.jpg   Roylito Cierras of Mena, AR (Ibanez Iron Label SIR27FDIPT)


perks-log.jpg James Holmes of Parker, CO (Lee Oskar Harmonicas)
 pg-pick.jpg Kevin Mitchell of League City, TX (Bitchstraps Bitchin giveaway)
pg-pick.jpg Paul McConnell of Pari, KY (Carr Impala 1x12)


pg-pick.jpg Brent Sterling of St. Clair, MO  (Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze Strings)
pg-pick.jpg Chris Woodhead of Springfield, PA (Eastman Roll Like a Rockstar)
pg-pick.jpg Larry Gandy of Lake Jackson, TX (Randall Thrasher)
 pg-pick.jpg William hunt of Wappingers Falls, NY ( Reverend Club King RT)
perks-log.jpg Jeff Levine of Tigard, OR ( Mesa/Boogie RectoVerb 25)


perks-log.jpg James Hawk of Windsor, CA (Saint Blues Arturo Fuente Cigar Box Guitar)
pg-pick.jpg Marcus Barnes of Burnaby, BC (MXR Custom Shop MicroAmp+)
pg-pick.jpg Ben King of Tiffin, OH (Peavey AT-200)
pg-pick.jpg Jacob Gessler of Mint Hill, NC (MXR Custom Shop La Machine)
pg-pick.jpg Renaud Torres of Bordes France (Dunlop MXR Uni-Vibe)
  perks-log.jpg Jeff Levine of Tigard, OR (Mesa/Boogie RectoVerb)
pg-pick.jpg Aaron Black of Abbotsford BC Canada (Visual Sound Tap Delay) 
pg-pick.jpg Marcus Barnes of Burnaby, BC Canada (MXR Custom Shop Micro Amp +)
pg-pick.jpg Mark Allred of Phoenix, AZ (Pro Co Rat) 
pg-pick.jpg Michael Drinan of Palmetto, FL (Cordoba Orchestra SP)
 pg-pick.jpg Ben King of Tiffin, OH (Peavey AT-200)
perks-log.jpg Willis Reeves of Oklahoma City, OK (Electro-Harmonix Nano-Sized Pedal Line up)


perks-log.jpg Elon Kaplan of Elkins Park, PA (D'Angelico Jazz Pedal)
pg-pick.jpg Aaron Ray of Huntington Beach CA (Godin Empire Sunburst P90 HG)
pg-pick.jpg Anthony Sav of West Warwick RI, 02893 (VOX Night Train 15W Combo)
pg-pick.jpg Kaye Cross of Banning CA (Source Audio Loaded Pedalboard)
pg-pick.jpg Terry Chiasson of Central LA (T-Rex Fully Loaded Pedalboard)
perks-log.jpg Erica Martin of Wilmington, DE (Boldface Gear)
 pg-pick.jpg William Tilton of Neptune Township, NJ (MXR Super Badass Distortion)

All giveaway winners are randomly drawn and notified via email by Premier Guitar staff. Prospective winners must verify their correct contact and shipping information prior to any prize fulfillment.