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Interview: Middle Class Rut - Unshackled Justice

Interview: Middle Class Rut - Unshackled Justice

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To see and hear Zack Lopez in action with Middle Class Rut, check out the following clips.

MC Rut guitarist/vocalist Zack Lopez gets an impressive array of sounds—including major low end—out of his Les Paul Jr. in the intro of “Busy Bein’ Born,” performed overseas in Germany.

After some off-camera technical difficulties delay the beginning of this MC Rut set from 2012, drummer/vocalist Sean Stockham handles the hiccup perfectly with some self-deprecating humor and a well-received reference to Jägermeister. He and Lopez then proceed to own the stage with a ferocious version of “Thought I Was” from 2010’s No Name No Color.

Middle Class Rut’s new five-piece incarnation performs one of the newest tracks from this year’s Pick up Your Head on The Artie Lange Show.

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