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NAMM 2011 - Editor's Picks, Day 3

NAMM 2011 - Editor's Picks, Day 3

Chris Kies - Associate Editor

Guyatone Mighty Micro Red Heat Series Torrid Fuzz
If you're looking for a fuzz box that can replicate the sound of a choking amplifier, then you may need to give a listen to the Torrid Fuzz. A new take on the classic three-transistor fuzz circuit, the TZm5 Torrid Fuzz was designed by notable Japanese engineer Toshi Torii of HAO fame. On top of its maxed-out grit, it can work as a woolly overdrive for a smidgen of gain, and can replicate germanium- or silicone-transistor fuzz tones, all in a small footprint stompbox.

Way Huge Ringworm
Perfect for wacky circus tones and ’50s sci-fi soundtracks, Way Huge’s Ringworm is an analog modulator on steroids. Built from old-school synth technology, Jeorge Tripps’ latest creation has a 5-way selector that takes your tone through five different waves of low-frequency oscillator (LFO) hijinks, adding beautifully bizarre and unpredictable amounts of modulation to your tone. Other features include a Depth knob that controls intensity, and the Rate knob harnesses the speed of the LFO, while the Blend and Frequency controls mix the effect and pitch of the internal oscillator.

Fender Custom Shop 1960 J Bass and 2011 P Bass Pro Series
Developed for Fender's Custom Shop Pro (Prototype) Series, the 2011 P bass (right) stitches together Fender’s two low-end legends. It features an alder P bass body with a bleached, three-color sunburst lacquer, a quartersawn maple neck with a ’60 Jazz bass U shape and a 10"-radius rosewood fretboard. It also has a Jazz-bass pickup in the traditional ’70s P bass position. The 1960 J bass (left) is more traditional and features an alder body, vintage-style pickups, a quartersawn maple neck with a U profile, and a 7.25"-radius Indian rosewood fretboard with vintage frets.

Fano TC6
This battered and bruised beast has been given Dennis Fano’s heavy distressing treatment, but he was kind enough to give this guitar a face-lift by including some TV Jones Super’Trons and a beefy, custom aluminum bridge that's cut off right after the brass saddles. Other appointments include a three-tone sunburst finish on a swamp ash body, a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, and a Stellartone ToneStyler tone knob.
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